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Admission card and keys to campus – also for guests. Contact: Kortsenteret@oslomet.no - Website: Opening hours for Kortsenteret / The card centre.

Archive – see under Documentation and information management.

Auditoriehjelpen – help/guidance with equipment (projectors, smartboards, screens etc.) in auditoriums and classrooms in all campuses. Phone: (67 23) 55 55 – select #1 for Pilestredet campus or #2 for Kjeller campus. Contact: auditoriehjelpen@oslomet.no

AV services (audio/video) – loan of audio and video equipment, guidance and courses. Contact: medieseksjonen@oslomet.no


Brukerstøtte i Eiendom (BIE) / Support BiE – matters regarding furniture, relocation, buildings/rooms, elevator, heating, physical environment, mail and post management at OsloMet, and transport / bus service. Contact: bie@oslomet.no


Canvas – cloud-based learning management system. Website: Canvas at OsloMet. Staff and students must contact their faculty:

Cleaning services – matters regarding cleaning services and waste. Contact: BiE@oslomet.no

Cristin - research information system in Norway – for support regarding research publications. Contact: Contact your local Cristin support

Courses and conferences – book rooms and premises for courses and conferences through KK-senteret. Website: Courses and conferences


Documentation and information management (SDI) – matters about Public 360. Phone: 67 23 5959. Contact: dokhjelp@oslomet.no


Eduroam login – Logon with your username@oslomet.no and your password.


Feide services – login to Feide Innsyn to see your access to the Feide services. Website: Feide Innsyn

Felles studentsystemer (FS) – if errors in student profiles or inactive student accounts. Contact: fs-hjelp@oslomet.no

Film, audio and photo – trenger du å låne utstyr til foto, eller låne studio til lydopptak eller få hjelp til filmproduksjon i studio?


Graphic services – graphic design and OsloMet logo, graphic and design templates, etc. Contact: grafisk@oslomet.no Website: Logo and visual profile


Ink to printers. See contact information on the printer for service.

Inspera user support - user support for arranging and grading exams in Inspera.

IT Service Desk – Phone: 67 23 55 55. Contact: itservicedesk@oslomet.no


Keys and accesscard to campus.


Lecture planning / time schedules – regarding TP/Timeplan. Contact: timeplan@oslomet.no

Leganto – Reading list system Contact: pensum@oslomet.no

Loan of AV equipment (audio/video) – loan of audio and video equipment, guidance and courses. Contact: medieseksjonen@oslomet.no

Logo and visual profile at OsloMet.


Open Digital Archive (ODA) – digital archive for research publications. Contact: oda-kontakt@oslomet.no

Office supplies – for information on supplies and purchases. Contact: rekvisita@oslomet.no Website: Making procurements

Open Access Journals – free service for digital publishing of journals and peer-reviewed articles. Contact: ojs@oslomet.no

Oria – search and loan of books/documents/journals etc. Feide login. Contact: oria@oslomet.no. Website: The University Library


Printer – for printer service, see the contact information on the printer.

Printing services.

Property and maintenance services – matters regarding furniture, relocation, buildings/rooms, elevator, heating, physical environment, mail and post management, and transport / bus service. Contact: BiE@oslomet.no Website: Support BiE

Public 360 – matters about Public 360. Contact: dokhjelp@oslomet.no or internal support phone: 5959.


Safety at OsloMet – for matters regarding fire prevention and physical protection, data security, protection of privacy and what to do when an incident occurs at OsloMet. Contact: sikkerhet@oslomet.no

SAP portal – matters regarding technical issues about login, errors etc. Contact: sap@oslomet.noNote! Take a screenshot if there are errors at login and send as an attachment to support.

Schedules at OsloMet, see Time schedules.

Shuttle bus – bus between Pilestredet and Kjeller.

Startpakka (student.oslomet.no) –  A Norwegian introduction to writing, including literature searching and sources.

Student.oslomet.no – matters regarding web publishing on Student.oslomet.no. Contact: minside@oslomet.no

Student profiles or student accounts if errors in student profiles or active/inactive student accounts. Contact: fs-hjelp@oslomet.no Website: Felles studentsystem (only in Norwegian)

System service messagesnotifications regarding maintenance work / system changes / operational tasks on internal and external systems at OsloMet from various disciplinary units and support services.


Web publishing – regarding web publishing on the domains of oslomet.no, ansatt.oslomet.no and student.oslomet.no, local support on eZ Publish (CMS) and access to blogg.hioa.no. Contact: nettredaksjonen@oslomet.no

Wi-Fi  / eduroam – Logon with your OsloMet username: username@oslomet.no and password.

Working time / registrations – matters regarding working time registrations and absence applications. Contact: Contact your local SAP support. Website: Working hours