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Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus

OsloMet offers shuttlebus services between campus Pilestredet and campus Kjeller. The transportation is reserved for employees attending seminars, lectures, courses etc at another campus.

NB: The shuttlebus services are currently cancelled due to covid restrictions. 

Departure times campus Pilestredet

  • 08.10, arrival campus Kjeller 08.55
  • 11.25, arrival campus Kjeller 12.05
  • 14.25, arrival campus Kjeller 15.00

Fellesmøter på Kjeller legges i tidsrommet 09.00-15.00.

Departure Pilestredet

Bilde: Kart over campus Pilestredet - avgangsplass shuttlebuss

  • Between P48 and P50, see map, at campus Pilestredet.

Departure times campus Kjeller - in front of main entrance

  • 09.00, arrival campus Pilestredet 09.30
  • 12.05, arrival campus Pilestredet 12.30
  • 15.00, arrival campus Pilestredet 15.30


  • Practical information

    • Show your admission card to the driver for identification.
    • Bus capacity is 15 passengers. New bus will arrive within approx. 20 minutes if the number exceeds 15.
    • The shuttlebus operates daily, and is free of charge for employees.
    • The bus is not to be used as daily transportation to your workplace.
  • Contact information

    Please contact Schaus Buss by phone 64 95 61 61 / 905 06 300 if bus is delayed or not arriving.

    Point of contact for the shuttlebuss contract at OsloMet is Tom Syvertsen,

  • Pre-ordering for groups

    Are you a group over 10 persons? Please contact Schaus Buss at the latest the day before departure.

  • Transportation off schedule

    To be ordered with Unibuss Tur, see checklist rammeavtalen for turbuss.

Annen busstransport



Avtaleeier for rammeavtalen for skyttelbussen.

Tom Syvertsen

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