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Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus

OsloMet offers shuttlebus services between campus Pilestredet and campus Kjeller. The bus is drifted by Arnor E. Jenssen Turbusstransport AS and transportation is reserved for employees attending seminars, lectures, courses etc at another campus.
  • No shuttle bus services during the summer period!

    Last day of service this term is Friday June 28th.  For next term, the service starts up again Monday August 5th.

OsloMet follows the authorities' suggestion for wearing a face mask on the shuttle bus if it is not
possible to keep a distance of at least 1 metre to fellow passengers.

Departure times campus Pilestredet

  • 08.10, arrival campus Kjeller 08.55
  • 11.25, arrival campus Kjeller 11.55
  • 14.25, arrival campus Kjeller 15.00

Joint meetings at Kjeller are held between 09.00-15.00.

Departure Pilestredet

Between P48 and P50, see map, at campus Pilestredet.

Departure times campus Kjeller

In front of main entrance.

  • 09.00, arrival campus Pilestredet 09.30
  • 12.00, arrival campus Pilestredet 12.30
  • 15.00, arrival campus Pilestredet 15.30
  • Practical information

    • Show your admission card to the driver for identification.
    • Bus capacity is 15 passengers. New bus will arrive within approx. 20 minutes if the number exceeds 15.
    • The shuttlebus operates daily, and is free of charge for employees.
    • The bus is not to be used as daily transportation to your workplace.
  • Contact information

    Please contact Arnor E Jenssen Turbusstransport AS by phone 6797 3080  if bus is delayed or not arriving.

    Point of contact for the shuttlebuss contract at OsloMet is Tom Syvertsen,

  • Pre-ordering for groups

    Are you a group over 10 persons? Please contact at the latest the day before departure.

  • Transportation off schedule

    To be ordered with Unibuss Tur, see checklist rammeavtalen for turbuss.



Avtaleeier for rammeavtalen for skyttelbussen.

Tom Syvertsen

E-mail :