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Order a good or a service

Order a good or a service

In My Orders you can order everything from books and meeting refreshments to computer accessories and prints. Go straight to My Orders, or read more about how orders and procurements take place at OsloMet. In My Orders you may also provide feedback on OsloMet's framework agreements.

How to order a good or service

  1. Go to "My Orders" and select "Enter requests".
  2. Once you have entered the request, your local purchaser will place the order in the procurement system.
  3. Once you have received the item, please contact your local purchaser:
    1. Inform that the item has been received
    2. Notify if the item does not correspond with the agreement
  4. The invoice is automatically paid when the item is registered as received and as corresponding to the agreement.

What would you like to order?

Read more about ordering procedures:

These goods and services must be ordered outside of My Order:

OsloMet’s framework agreements

When using My Order, we are buying from suppliers that OsloMet has previously drawn up framework agreements with. Read more about our framework agreements here. Provide feedback on the framework agreement in My Order.

Draw up a new agreement

Do you need to buy something that there is no elevant framework agreement for? Then you might want to enter into a new purchase agreement. Find out how the process takes place and how to proceed when you need a new framework agreement.