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Work, holiday and leave

Working hours

  • behandlingstid

    Working hours need to be recorded by the 14th every month.

  • clock-deadline

    TR staff should only use the SAP Portal to record leave of absence and for self-certification of absence. 

TR Staff

  • Standard working hours remain unchanged throughout the year  - 7.5 hours per day (37.5 hours per week). The lunch break is not included in the working hours.
  • Individual work schedules must be prepared for all TR staff
  • TR staff who have worked overtime must record their working hours in the working hours form and the overtime list  which are to be delivered to the supervisor who approval and signature.

More information can be found in the Employee handbook.

REcording working hours

More information can be found in the Employee handbook.

TA Staff

  • All recording of working hours and absence must be done in the SAP portal.
  • TA staff at HiOA are covered by Særavtalen om fleksibel arbeidstid i staten
  • Normal working hours are 07.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday but summer hours differ from winter hours:
    • Winter working hours - from 15 September to 14 May;  7.75 hours per day (38.75 hours per week).
    • Summer working hours - from 15 May to 14 September are 7 hours per day (35 hours per week).
    • The lunch break is included in the working hours and the employee must be available to the employer.
    • The core working hours are from 9:00 to14:30 and the flexible period from 7:00 to 20.00 - Monday to Friday all year.
  • Flexitime beyond normal working hours may not be imposed; this will be qualified as overtime.

More information can be found in the Employee handbook.

Working hours in evenings and at weekends

If you are ordered to carry out your normal work (not overtime) at inconvenient hours, you are entitled to an inconvenience supplement.


  • Overtime is only permitted if there is a specific and time-limited need. In other words, overtime cannot be used as a permanent arrangement.
  • Overtime must be compulsory and verifiable

Senior days

  • Paid time off corresponding to eight days per year is granted to employees from the calendar year in which he or she reaches the age of 62.
  • Part-time employees are entitled to days off in proportion to the percentage they work of a full-time position. More about senior days in the Employee Handbook.

Weekends and holidays

DFO app or SAP Portal

Use the DFO app or SAP portal to record your working hours, absence or to record travel expenses account.

Ta i bruk DFØ-appen

  • I DFØ-appen kan du blant annet:
  • - stemple inn og ut
  • - registrere overtid
  • - sende fraværssøknad 
  • - registrere og levere reiseregning
  • - søke refusjon av utgifter
Hvordan bruke DFØ-appen?


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.