Pensumlistesystem (Leganto) - Ansatt

Reading list system (Leganto)

Reading list system (Leganto)

Reading lists at OsloMet are edited and published in Leganto. Leganto is available through Canvas. Course coordinators must be registered on the course in FS to get access to editing reading lists.

Feilmelding: Flere brukere vil oppleve å få dobbelt opp med e-poster fra systemet i løpet av helgen, dette grunnet en feil i importen av emner for våren 2022. Pensumlistene for våren skal være klare for redigering senest mandag 18. oktober!

  • How to edit your reading list

  • When is the reading list ready for editing?

    Course coordinators will be notified by e-mail when their reading lists are ready for editing: 

    • February / March for the autumn semester 
    • Mid-October for the spring semester 

    If you know of new courses that require a reading list please contact the subject librarian ( for your department or send an e-mail to

    We will then help you create a reading list you can work on. 

  • Deadlines and publishing

    Deadlines for submitting edited reading lists to the library: 

    • April 15th for autumn courses 
    • November 1st for spring courses 

    When you are finished editing the reading list in Leganto, it is important that you click "Send list to library for publishing". Only then will the library go through the list, buy books, process digitization requests, and publish the reading list. 

    If reading lists are not submitted by the deadline, the library cannot guarantee that the reading list are available to students when the semester starts.

  • Access to reading lists for students

    Students must enter the reading list via the course room in Canvas. This is the only way they get access to material that is digitized or available electronically. 

  • Access to reading lists for external users

    All published reading lists are linked from the spesific course page at

  • About digitization requests

    The reading list material that you want digitized must be marked with the "For digitization" tag in the reading list. It is important that you not only list chapters but also enter "Start page" and "End page" (see user manual for guidance). The reading list is published even if all the digitization request aren't completed. The person responsible for the digitization obtains and scans the material, then creates a pdf that is uploaded to the reference Leganto.  

    The Kopinor agreement allows you to share 15% of a book and 1 article from a journal. It is possible to apply for extended rights in BOLK, this means a somewhat longer processing time and the possibility of rejection. The library takes care of all rights clearances in BOLK, requester will be notified if a request is rejected. 

    Read more about the Kopinor agreement (  

    Contact digitization managers:

    SAM: Mona Andersen (

    All other faculties: Asbjørn Tveit (

  • Contact information

  • Service statement for Leganto

    1. Purpose

    The purpose of the service statement is to ensure a predictable delivery of correct syllabi to the students at OsloMet, by clarifying the responsibilities of the individual stakeholder. 

    2. Prerequisites

    • To make the lists available for editing and publishing in Canvas, UB are dependent on updated FS data. UB imports course data (including course code and personal roles) from FS. This forms the basis for connecting and copying reading lists for the next semester.  
    • Reading lists at OsloMet must be produced in Leganto, and UB only offers its services if the Reading lists are produced here. 

    2. 1 The Universitety Library (UB) shall:

    • give course coordinators access to create or edit a reading list as soon as UB has access to updated FS data for the current semester
    • purchase reading list materials 
    • digitize references marked with the tag «Digitization request», OCR process and upload the files as pdf in the reading list if the deadline for sending the list is kept. 
    • we reserve the right to reject digitization requests where the request is not cleared by Kopinor,  where the teacher does not respond to inquiries from UB about the digitization request or when or we have the material electronically
    • report digitized material to Kopinor if it is subject to copyright
    • publish the reading lists so that they are accessible to internall and external users 
    • ensure that the reading lists are available via Canvas, via the student pages and the Leganto search online
    • maintain access to digital material purchased via UB
    • offer the necessary training and guidance material
    • offer user support via the individual departments subject librarian, and via
    • inform about major changes, errors and downtime in Leganto

    2.2 Course coordinators must:

    • edit and send reading lists to UB within the given deadlines
    • mark references they want digitized with the tag «Digitization request»
    • use UB's guidance material and stay up to date via Leganto page on ansatt.oslomet

    2. 3 The faculty/department shall: 

    •  ensure that FS is updated with the correct course data and correct personal roles
    • ensure that the course coordinators submit reading lists to UB in accordance with the deadlines

    The digital reading list system Leganto is operated by the University Library at OsloMet