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Tools and support

Tools and support

Communications and profile

New logo and visual profile

OsloMet's new logo has been designed and is now ready. There is one logo only in both Norwegian and English. Templates with the new logo are now being made - read below to find out when they will be available.

Rules for using the logo

Why do you have to follow these guidelines?

Download OsloMet's logo

Rules for using the logo

Before you download and start using the logo, it is important that you familiarize yourself with these guidelines:

  • The logo is placed in the top of the format when possible.
  • The logo must not be scaled down to less than 15 mm (width).
  • There must always be free space on all the sides of the logo corresponding to the height of the O 
  • The logo's appearance, proportions and colours must not be changed.
  • You also cannot change the spacing between the single letters in the logo.
  • It is important that the logo is given enough space and that there is free space around the logo.

Additional rules for using the logo (the design manual) will arrive during the autumn.

Why do you have to follow these guidelines?

The point of using a logo is to create a quick identification of our institution. If our logo is used in a non-consistent way, our other visual tools will be less effective.

Download OsloMet's logo

See the presentation of the OsloMet logo (news report and film).

New templates will arrive shortly

A new PowerPoint template is now available to all employees. Towards the autumn, templates with the new OsloMet logo will be developed on a continuous basis. Meanwhile, the old HiOA templates have been removed. The OsloMet logo should not be used on old templates.


  • This spring’s graduates will receive OsloMet certificates (implemented)
  • PowerPoint template in Norwegian / English (available)


  • Email signature with logo
  • Letter template Norwegian / English

August / start of studies:

  • Admission cards for new students. Employees will receive admission cards during the autumn term.
  • Business cards with the new logo will be ready during the autumn term.
  • Facade signs on buildings, then internal signs during the autumn term
  • Templates for reports, posters and information material (upon request)
  • Profile items for staff and students (pens, bags, etc.)

Events this summer?

If you are planning a larger conference and need to create information material, please contact

Graphic service at OsloMet and our frame supplier on design are now working hard to make templates for students and employees. Therefore, we now have a limited capacity to design material and single posters.

Logo in social media

Contact Hallvard Lavoll  if you have questions about the logo in social media.

This is how you write the name in Norwegian and English

In Norwegian, the full name is written as follows: OsloMet  storbyuniversitetet.

In English, the full name is written as follows: OsloMet Oslo Metropolitan University.

The short version is written as follows: OsloMet

Ordering business cards

Veiledning og hjelp til grafisk profilering