Project start-up

Project start-up

  1. Start-up meeting between project management and administration

    • How should reporting be done? Who reports what / when? Clarify communication in the project group. Reporting to the funding source must be in accordance with the requirements set. The project manager initiates the reporting himself and prepares the academic report. Administration at the faculty / center shall prepare financial report.

    • Clarify HSE (risk assessment, HSE responsibility).

    • Schedule meeting frequency.

    • Review routines for hourly attendance (if required by the client).

    • Clarify any job vacancies.

    • If the project is allocated funds, the budget will be revised according to the grant amount and requirements from the funding source.

  2. Project number

    Contact finance at the faculty / center to create a project number.

  3. Recruitment

    Procedure for hiring employees. However, you must be aware that the financier may have guidelines for what the employment contract should look like. The HR consultant assists with hiring. See also Researcher Mobility and Career Development.

  4. Use of funds

    • Everyone who purchases at OsloMet must follow the law and regulations for Public Procurement, OsloMet's framework agreements, routines, etc. Contact economics at your faculty / center. More about purchases and orders at OsloMet.

    • All equipment purchased by the project is the property of OsloMet.

    • Participants in a project should have access to the project's finances and use of resources. Openness is important to avoid conflicts and suspicion in relation to the use of resources.

    • Research group leaders and project managers should be able to account for the use of funds available to them.

    • If you have any doubts about what you can spend your money on, contact finance.

  5. Collaboration Tools

    • Create if it is not already done. See section 4 under Seek funds.
  6. Website

    • Contact your web editor at your faculty / center if the project should have its own website.
  7. Dissemination

    • Do you want to make your research more visible through search engine optimization and research profile? Check out the website about Dissemination.


  8. Creating a publishing strategy?

    You should think about whether you are going to create a publishing strategy that serves the purpose of the project and that will provide the most impact / impact for the project results.

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