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Open Access Funding

Open Access Funding

While it is usually possible to make your work open access at no cost (‘green’ open access), it cannot always be made available immediately because of restrictions set by publishers. For immediate open access (or ‘gold’), many publishers require that an ‘article processing charge’ (APC) is paid.

There are lots of possibilities financing your Open Access publications when you are a researcher at OsloMet. We give you a step-by-step plan with the right sequence:

  • Remember to apply for Open Access funding from your funding body.
  • Check the open access publishing requirements of the Funding body of your research: i.e. the European program H2020 or the national funder The Research Counsil of Norway.  Please note that most funding bodies will expect the article to be made available under a specific Creative Commons licence, and failure to follow this requirement will result in the output being considered as not compliant.
  • Check the National goals and guidelines for open access to research articles
  • Make use of Open Access funding from OsloMet.

Open Access publishing

Application criteria

The Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers.

Journals or books with a "hybrid model" (traditional publications that offer the option of open access on an article-by-article basis) or delayed open access are not eligible for this fund. Articles and books must be fully available open access at the time of publication. 

Apply for funding

Open Access journal articles

Open Access funding is available to support ‘Gold’ Open Access publications of research from OsloMet authors.

You can request funding for Gold Open Access journal article by completing the form below:

Please apply by sending the application to Tanja Strøm at Department of Research and Development, and

Open Access books

In order to support authors who choose to make their peer-reviewed books (monographs and/or edited collections) and chapters immediately available upon publication, OsloMet fund open access book processing charges (BPCs) and chapter processing charges (​​​​​​​CPCs). 

Guidance on how to secure funding:

  • Consider publication charges when applying for research funding, as some funders permit authors to include publication costs in the budget of main research grants. Authors will usually need to apply to the fund administrator on a case-by-case basis. The combined editorial and publication process for books is often longer than for that of journal articles, and so this may need to be brought to the attention of the funder when discussing allocation of grant budgets for BPCs and CPCs.
  • Supply relevant information about the book and publisher
  • Confirmation that requirements in order to be eligible for funding are being met
  • Editor/author in edited collections must provide a chapter overview of themes, author list and authors' institutional affiliation.

Please note that the full Open Access book’s publication fee is not covered by this fund. The funding will cover the chapters written by authors affiliated to OsloMet. The researcher’s department is expected to provide part of the funding needed for each publishing project.

Feel free to apply early on in the publication process.

Please contact Tanja Strøm at the Department of Research and Development. for further details.

Open Research Data

Open research data refers to the right to access and reuse digital research data. Users can normally access, mine, exploit, reproduce and disseminate openly accessible research data free of charge.

The approach can is "as open as possible, as closed as necessary".

Applicants may request funding for project-specific charges that arise in connection with data hosting.

Please contact Tanja Strøm at the Department of Research and Development. for further details.



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