Conduct project

Conduct project

  1. Status and change

    Keep R&D advisor / finance at your faculty / center informed about project status and project changes.

    Changes to the project:

    • If you intend to make changes to the project in relation to the information that is the basis for the privacy ombudsman's assessment, this must be reported to NSD via a change form.
    • A form for applying for project change approval and more information about the application can be found on the REK case portal. Sustained approval must be sought when you want to make significant changes to the project's purpose, method, time course or organization (hfl § 11) and / or changes in relation to the project's security and the safety, welfare and integrity of the research participants in general; eg new knowledge about risk and benefit. If the changes in the project are so large that in REK's opinion it must be considered to be a new project, you must apply for new pre-approval.
    • Budget revision.
    • Changes in the consent of the project participant.
    • Clinical trials: Update recruitment status.
  2. Follow-up of contractual obligations

    Make sure someone is responsible for monitoring compliance with the contract and handling changes. If the project has a steering committee, it is natural that OsloMet's representative in the committee + you as project manager follows up on the commitments.

  3. Report progress

    • The source of funding often requires progress reports. The project manager is responsible for this, but R&D advisor / finance can assist.
    • Reporting to the research manager or the person who has been delegated the task of controlling the research projects at the faculty / center, as well as documentation.
  4. Processing and storage of data

    Where should the data be analyzed? Is that safe enough? See, websites relating to electronic processing, physical processing, storage guide and audio and video recordings. See also e-learning compiled by, "Safe processing of the information" (3-5 min).

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