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Dissemination and publication


Visibility of research - search engine optimisation and researcher profiles.

When you write

  1. Make sure that search engines capture your article through a conscious use of key terms in the title and summary.
  2. Be consistent with the use of names, always use the same syntax. (For particularly common surnames you should include the initials of any middle names).
  3. Use captions on the pictures.

When you publically promote the article

  1. Increase visibility with researcher profiles.
  2. Share links to the article on social media. Use the DOI link.
    • 12000 scientific articles are mentioned daily on social media.
    • Publish something regularly.
    • Participate in discussions.
    • Use HiOA's department for society contact and their channels.

Track your article

Several services can provide you with an overview of how your publications are being downloaded, shared and cited.

Make yourself visible

It can be a challenge to organise and separate your work from that of others when research activities are to take place across multiple sources. The solution?

Create researcher profiles:

  • Update your profile in Cristin
  • ORCID (to be integrated into Cristin) provides a constant digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers and supports automated links between you and your research activity. Include your ID on web pages and script submissions.
  • ResearcherID (Web of Science). By using the MyResearcherID feature in Web of Science, researchers are assigned an individual ID number that remains connected to them regardless of institutional association. Once the MyResearcherID is created, your publications, which are listed in Web of Science, will be added to your profile. To be merged with ORCID.



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