Finish project

  1. Final report
    • Write final report for financing source
    • Final reporting to the research manager or to whom the task is delegated to.
    • Final message to REK: When the project is completed, send final message to REK on own form. Information on the form can be found on the case portal of REK. Records of storage media, including deletion of research file (an extract of personal data to be used in a research project) and research data, should be included in the final report. You should also send a final message if the project is not completed as planned.
    • NSD project status: When the project is completed and anonymized, you must notify NSD. If, as a project manager, you do not have edit access in the message form, a status message can be sent by e-mail to
  2. Documentation

    Ensure that documents are archived and that data is stored long-term (anonymized or de-identified) or deleted.


    • Application to REK with all correspondence, data processing agreement etc. must be filed in Public 360. The project manager is responsible for checking with his faculty how this is to be done, see website on Documentation and project archive.
    • On REK's website you will find an overview of research projects approved by REK. You can search for research projects and general research biobanks where the primary application is submitted after May 5, 2009.
    • NSD's website has a report archive (in Norwegian only) of research projects reported by NSD. The archive contains detailed information about the individual projects and is access controlled. Therefore, most documents related to the project do not need to be filed in P360. Documents such as data processing agreements, joint treatment responsibilities and risk assessments must be filed in Public 360. Other documents may also be relevant to archive in Public 360 due to the need for documentation.

    Long-term storage:

    No personal data shall be stored unnecessarily and no longer than the purpose and consent indicates.

    It will be apparent from the prior approval from REK / NSD that research data can be stored in the context of the research to be carried out. Approval from REK / NSD is based on the project description and will therefore normally indicate how long the information can be retained. Data stored after the end of the project can be in anonymized or de-identified form.

    Read more about long-term storage of data.

    Deletion / anonymity:

    Personal data should normally be deleted or anonymized at the end of a project. See also e-learning prepared by, "When you are done" (3-5 min).


  3. Results
    • If you have questions about publishing, check out the publishing website.
    • If co-authorship is relevant, you can follow the Vancouver Protocol. These are guidelines for publishing and co-authorship on a scientific publication. These rules are especially followed in the medical and scientific environments, but can also be followed by other professional environments if they find the rules appropriate. Useful overview of the rules on
    • Publish and register publications in Cristin.
    • Consider whether the scientific publication should be made freely available on the Internet via Open Access. It follows from OsloMet's rights policy that employees themselves are responsible for making scientific work available to the public (through publications and the like).
    • Articles and books are protected by copyright under the Copyright Act for Intellectual Property as it is created. The author of a text has the right to decide whether to publish it, when and where, unless it conflicts with the rights of others. Furthermore, the copyright provides, among other things, protection against others copying the text without paying a fee, unless the copying is done for private use or according to the citation rules.
    • Consider whether to seek the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR). If it is appropriate to patent scientific findings, this must be done in consultation with the employer before publication.


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