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Dissemination and publication

Open Access

Open Access (OA) to research publications and research data implies that this information is made available to everyone online.

When you publish OA you retain the copyright of the publications and the research data but allow users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search in or link to the full text  version free of charge. 


  1. Funding for publishing OA and for storage of open research data

  2. Ways to publish your work as Open Access

  3. Funders' requirements related to OA

  4. Open Access at OsloMet

Funding for publishing OA and for storage of open research data

If you want your research data published in a journal, you should check whether the journal is included in the financial system for scientific publications.

Feel free to apply early in the publication process to allow for an easier and faster case processing.

Ways to publish your work as Open Access


Publication in an open journal or book that ensures access through a license allowing reuse.  The journals are financed by third parties or covered by author publication charges (APCs) levied on researchers or their funding institutions. The Portal, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), provides a complete overview of Open Access journals. To be included in DOAJ, the journal has to be peer reviewed and its contents have to be accessible. 


Authors deposit their articles into freely accessible digital archives after they have been published in traditional subscription-funded journals. At HiOA the articles are deposited in the open archive  ODA

Hybrid Open Access:

Hybrid Open Access is a model combining revenue from subscription fees and publishing fees. It provides authors of accepted research articles in subscription journals with the opportunity of making their articles available immediately following the publication through the payment of an article fee (APC). The OsloMet Publishing Fund does not cover expenses related to hybrid open access.

Open Access advantages

The institution becomes more visible and the published research results can be used for marketing of funding bodies and prospective students or employees.

When a number of research institutions worldwide choose to publish Open Access, research results become a common good which may help accelerate research progress.

Funders' requirements related to OA

Several research funders require the work to be Open Access in order to provide funding.

Open Access at OsloMet


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The university library approve Open Access publishing with Wiley, Elsevier og Taylor & Francis.

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