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Self-archive a full text version of your paper in CRIStin

Self-archive a full text version of your paper in CRIStin

Upload a version of your research article when you register it in Cristin. Research results are made available in OsloMet's open repository, ODA, in compliance with copyright and licenses.

Submitting publications to your institutional repository (green Open Access) is a two-step

1. The researcher uploads the document in CRIStin
It is recommended that a post print version (final draft after peer review) of the scientific article is uploaded, since this is what most publishers permit. If the publisher allows archiving of the publisher's final pdf, this version is preferred.

2. The repository ensures publisher compliance. 
The institutional repository is responsible for ensuring compliance with Copyright and publisher licences, and will ensure that nothing is made publicly available that is in violation of publisher requirements or embargo periods.

It is recommended that you make yourself acquainted with your institutional Open Access policy and guidelines, since these vary between institutions.

Please contact your CRIStin super user if you have any questions regarding this process.

Simple guide

You must upload your scientific journal articles to CRIStin.

  • Upload both the publisher's PDF version and the postprint version of the articles.
  • Everything you upload will be stored in a closed archive
  • OsloMet's university library checks the rights with the publisher before making the article available in OsloMet's open archive "Open Digital Archive", ODA.

If you need help, contact your CRIStin Super user.

1. Log in to CRIStin

Login happens through OsloMet Feide.

2. Find the desired research result

You may upload to the following categories:

3. Enter relevant metadata

  • Author
  • Title
  • Publication date
  • Publication location
  • DOI
  • Persistant identifiers for: author(s), organisation and grant source

Granting authority

When registering a project from Horizon Europe, Euratom, the Research Council of Norway, etc. remember to include the: 

  • Project number
  • Project name (also Norwegian project name)
  • Project acronym

4. Press "Submit Full Text Version of Document"

All documents must be submitted as PDF files.

We accept documents from 2003 onwards.

5. Before uploading

You must specify which version of the article you will upload:

We usually get permission to publish the postprint version. Feel free to upload both the postprint and the publisher's PDF.

Preprint: submitted script from the author (not to be used).
Postprint: accepted peer-reviewed version including he most resent corrections, often with the tables at the end.
Publisher's original version: published version with publisher's layout.

6. Upload

  • The screenshot shows which files are already uploaded, if any.
  • Press "Browse" to browse files on your local computer.
  • After selecting the correct file: press "start" to start uploading.
    • A separate screenshot will confirm that the upload is complete.
  • The document and its information will then be transferred to ODA.

The repository administrators ensures publisher compliance

The university library at OsloMet contacts the publisher to check whether the document may be published.

The duration of this process varies from a few days to several weeks depending on the publisher.