Booking your trip

Booking your trip

All travel must be booked via OsloMets travel agency Berg-Hansen. Please see OsloMets Travel guidelines below.

Preparation for the trip

Preparation for the trip

  1. Greener travel with OsloMet - checklist for sustainability

    Before booking your trip - have you considered alternatives?

    Can you for example:

    • attend a digital meeting? 
    • follow a live event (streaming) or watch it digitally afterwards, if it is available?

    The above options contribute to reducing the amount of travel for OsloMet.

    This checklist is also useful when inviting guests, examiners, external researchers and lecturers who needs to travel to get to their assignment at OsloMet. 

    Is it a necessary journey? 

    E-mail, phone, and digital meetings through Teams and Zooms makes it easy to collaborate without traveling. Information and guidance for digital teaching. 

    Are there good alternatives to flying? 

    If the price of trains/buses is approximately equal to the flight price, environmentally friendly transport is recommended. 

    Check if you have the opportunity to merge several short journeys? 

    Can you merge partner collaboration with several people in the same region? For example, it is easier to get around by train if you can merge several meetings on the same journey on the European continent. Are you and your partners still going to the same seminar and can take the meetings there? Do you have research projects that can have a mix of physical travel and digital seminars? 

    Can you take the train getting there and fly on the return? 

    If OsloMet is to contribute to global sustainability goals, all small and large contributions count, and then taking the train even one way will almost half the travel emissions. 

    Can sensors/opponents/guest researchers avoid flying to meet at OsloMet? 

    Consider whether digital conference can replace the journey for one or more persons? Or at least for the one with the longest route. Avoid setting up internal meetings/seminars to locations you have to fly. 

    Prioritize public transport for local travels 

    Using public transport is the least expensive and most green form of travelling. If no public transport is available, feel free to book an electric car from OsloMet. We have 2 comfortable electric cars that are service vehicles available that are better for the environment and easier for you as you don't have to submit an expense report. If taxi is the only option, ask for an electric car or hybrid when booking. 

    Travel together

    When travelling where hiring a car is the only option, plan to drive together to save emissions. 

  2. Check and update your profile with the travel agency: Berg-Hansen

    You have a profile with Berg-Hansen travel agency. Before booking your first trip please:

    • Update your profile with your personal information
      • Enter your credit card details
      • If you need a credit card, apply here:
      • Fill in passport information before booking international travel - this will make booking faster. Make sure that the name in the profile matches the name in your passport
      • If the name is wrong, contact your departmental contact for payroll matters to correct your name. This will be updated in SAP and Berg-Hansen's booking system the next day.

    Use your OsloMet username and password (Feide)

    Outside OsloMet/campus?

    If you are outside Met/campus, log on to your computer with VPN. See guidelines for VPN here.


  3. Methods of payment

    Credit card

    Your travel expenses are charged to the credit card registered to your travel profile in the travel agency. The first time you book a trip, you must enter your credit card details. If you need a business card, apply for a credit card here.

    Paying for travels with invoice

    If, for very special reasons, you cannot or do not want to use a credit card for paying for your travels, you must apply for an invoice profile with the travel agent well in advance of the first booking so that an invoice can be sent for the trip.

    Apply for invoice profile:

    "Book-now-pay-later" business card aggreement

    The Corporate Eurocard that OsloMet has a business card agreement with comes with the "Pay later" or "Book-now-pay-later" function.

    This means that the payment for the trip can be postponed up to 120 days for a fee of NOK 80 if you book long before the trip is to take place.

    Travel advances

    Travel advances should in theory not be necessary. Contact a finances co-worker if you are wondering whether you may apply in advance.

    However, if a travel advance is absolutely necessary, it should preferably only cover the actual cost you are faced with upon booking, such as registration for seminars that require online payment by credit card, hotel expenses abroad or car rental.

    The advance is entered into the travel application in the SAP portal.

  4. Travel approval

    All trips must be pre-approved by your immediate supervisor.

    How to make a travel application


  5. Download the travel app

    Before you travel, it is a good idea to download the app from our travel agency so that you bring your tickets and all the travel information you need.

    1. Log into Webgate, Berg-Hansen's online booking portal, from your computer the first time via FEIDE here:

    • Webgate - onlinebestilling
    • In the profile, under your name at the top right you will find your user name. Make note of the user name, 7 digits.

    2. Download the Berg-Hansen app

    • Download the app from App Store for iOS or
    • Download the app from Google Play for Android

    3. Logg on to the app

    FEIDE does not work in the app, but you have to make your own password for first time use in the app together with your 7-digit user name that you found in your profile via your computer.

    Set up your own password for the app:

    • Enter 7-digit user name
    • Press "Forgot username and/or password"
    • Follow the instructions sent by e-mail
    • Set new password in the app.

    Do you need help?

    Contact Berg-Hansen 

    Telefon :
    +47 21024550
    E-post :

    Contact persons for business travel (login required).

  6. Travel insurance

    Your travel insurance follows the credit card used for payment of the trip. You can apply for different credit cards here.

    Read more about travel insurance and other insurances for services here.

  7. Use of private car

    Use of private cars must be approved before the trip begins. On a general basis, private cars should only be used if considered an advantage for the employer in terms of costs and time.

    The right to use your private car and to get remuneration for travel expenses during the trip (most affordable public transport), only applies to domestic trips of short distances. The remuneration is calculated as the lowest price of bus / tram, train or shuttle boat.

    See also rent a car.

  8. Travel checklist

    • Book your trip through your company's business travel agency. OsloMet uses Berg-Hansen.

    • Check current travel information for the countries you are travelling to.

    • Book flexible tickets that can be easily cancelled.

    • Rent a car or take public transport to your destination instead of flying.

    • Pack your personal protective equipment, disinfectant and wipes.

    • Send a copy of your itinerary  toyour family or friends in the event of an emergency.

    • Update your personal data in your profile with the business travel agency.

    • Bring a medicine card with information about blood type, allergies, medications you use, and emergency contact information.

    • Make sure your phone is approved for international roaming and add local emergency numbers to your contact list. Check with OsloMet's IT service desk that your phone is approved for use in the country that you are travelling to.

    • Ask the travel agency if any new travel safety protocols have been introduced

    • Make sure that you receive notifications via your mobile app about any travel changes

    • Don't be afraid to consult your travel agency if it's something you're unsure about or that worries you, they're there to help you! Make sure you know how to contact your travel agency in the event of a problem during your travels.

    Berg-Hansen telephone: +47 20 02 45 50

    Berg Hansen e-mail:

  9. Air travels

    Airlines are introducing new measures for hygiene and cleanliness. These measures should make it safer for you to fly again – when the time comes.

    Useful information about flights

    • Many airlines plan to check the temperature of the travelers at the airport, so you should avoid traveling if you are not feeling well since you may be refused boarding.
    • Go to the airport earlier than usual and expect longer queues.
    • Many airlines have stopped serving food, so remember to bring something to eat if you are traveling far.
    • Listen to any messages given over the speakers.
    • Wear a mask.

    Check the regulations for the country you’re travelling to well in advance so you can plan your travel well.

  10. Rental cars

    Rental car is booked via the travel agency Berg-Hansen

    Useful information about car rental

    • Find out what the car rental agency's cleaning guidelines are, before you book.
    • Make sure that the rental car is cleaned both inside and outside with disinfectant. Do not be afraid to ask!
    • Follow the rental agency's rules on keeping your distance.
  11. Hotels

    The hotel experience is also changing due to COVID-19, and the hotel's fight against the virus begins even before you check in. This can involve various things, such as doors that open automatically, and employees who wear personal protective equipment. Make sure to follow the regulations set by the location you arrive to.

    Useful information about hotels

    • Check the hotel's health and hygiene guidelines before booking. The hotel may check the temperature of guests and visitors upon arrival.

    • To reduce personal contact in the common areas, many hotels have introduced pre-arrival registration.

    • You will see disinfectants and increased cleaning procedures in the common areas. It is still a good idea to bring your own hand sanitizers.

  12. Travelling by train

    Railway companies are doing more and more to ensure that trains and stations are clean. Some new initiatives include frequent cleaning of trains and stations by contact surfaces that are frequently affected, increased use of antiviral cleaning agents and sufficient soap and water in the toilets. Several railway companies are also working to make it as easy as possible to change travel plans when needed.

    Useful information about train travel

    • Wear personal protective equipment when taking public transportation.
    • Avoid contact with train employees when buying a ticket.
    • During ticket inspection, you must expect to keep the ticket ready for the conductor.
    • Bring food and water bottle as there is most likely no food on the train.
    • Avoid crowded waiting areas and keep your distance from others on the platform.

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