Booking your trip

Booking your trip

All travel must be booked via OsloMets travel agency Berg-Hansen. Please see OsloMets Travel guidelines below.

Travel expenses account

Travel expenses account

  1. Download and start using the DFO app

    All employees can use the convenient  DFO app on their smartphones. It's easy to use and saves time!

    Download the DFO app for Android / iPhone here.

    • You must log in via the ID portal the first time you use the DFO app.

      • Log in with MinID, BankID or BankID on mobile for secure login.

    • After login: Select a 4-digit PIN.

    • You will have to enter this code every time you use the DFO app.

  2. Important note about documentation requirements

    Information on the purpose of the expense coverage and the name of the employee must be stated in the travel expenses account. For reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses, it must be stated whom the expenses include, and which events the traveler has participated in. When reimbursing catering expenses, the purpose of the catering must be stated, the name of the persons catered, and the name of the business that the persons represent. See the tax payment regulations (skattebetalingsforskriften, in Norwegian only) (

  3. Submit your travel expenses account

    Create a travel expenses account

    Press Travel expenses account/ travel settlement

    • Have you registered a travel application ahead of your trip? Then you must use this to complete the travel expenses account. Choose "Travel application" instead of "Travel expenses account".  Delete estimated expenses by pressing  "Travel application" and deleting ESTI- estimated expenses.
    1. Register your travel expenses

    2. Press + to create a new

    3. Register date and time of the beginning and end of the trip

    4. Register the trip's purpose, country, place and allowance:

    These are the allowances we use the most:

    • One-day domestic trip 
    • Service trip at a hotel
    • Register country and city:  the app will automatically select the right per diem allowance according to country and city.
    • Trips abroad: the app will automatically give compensation supplement according to the duration of the trip.
    1. Press  «Reimbursement»

    • Register per diem allowance here.
    • Meals: Remember to register deductions for meals included in hotel or conferences or meals that you are offered.
    • Other expenses: Register other expenses for hotel, airplane, bus, train by clicking "Add expense item" 
    1. Upload attachment: take pictures of all your receipt(s) with your mobile phone and upload them directly.

    2. Deliver the completed expenses account: Click the "SEND" button in the top right corner.

    Disbursement of trip/reimbursement

    When the travel expenses account is approved it will be included in the first upcoming run of incoming travel settlements.

    When the travel expenses account/settlement is approved by the manager, the disbursement will take place every week or every 14 days. 

  4. Submit the travel settlement in the SAP portal

    For extensive trips with many destinations and receipts, you may want to use the SAP portal, but it is possible to do everything in the DFO app.

    Guidance: How to submit the travel settlements in SAP.

Contacts for travel

Contacts for travel

Questions about travel settlements or other travel related topics?

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