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Travel insurance

Travel insurance

If you use a credit card to pay for your trip, you automatically have insurance coverage through the terms of the credit card contract. If you pay for trips by invoice, you are insured through the Eurocard Corporate Card.
  • Travel insurance when paying by credit card

    If you use a credit card to pay for your trip, you are insured in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply to the card you use. 

    If you have questions in the event of losses when using a Eurocard card, please contact: Trygg Forsikring, telephone: +47 55172000.

  • Cancellation insurance

    It is important that you check the cancellation terms and conditions that apply to your ticket when you book. Other cancellation insurance is provided through the card you used to pay for the trip. 

    If you are not using Eurocard or American Express, check the terms and conditions that apply. 


    We recommend employees to apply for a free credit card from American Express or Eurocard Corporate Gold to use for business travel or to obtain private travel insurance that covers business travel.

  • Other types of insurance

    As a rule, OsloMet does not cover travel insurance aside from that provided through Eurocard Corporate Gold, which applies when the travel account is used for e.g. group travel or when an employee has been granted an invoice profile. 

  • Insurance of equipment

    In exceptional cases, OsloMet can cover additional insurance for equipment that is the property of the university and that is worth more than the amount covered by the travel insurance. All employees should familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions that apply through their own credit card insurance. 

    • Equipment insurance is generally included in normal travel insurance up to a certain amount. 

    • Make sure that you retain all original receipts in order to have outlays reimbursed under the insurance. 

    • It is also up to each employee to ensure that insurance matters are reported and followed up.

  • European health insurance card

    OsloMet recommends all employees to order a European health insurance card free of charge from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). 

    The European health insurance card documents that you are entitled to coverage of expenses for necessary medical treatment when staying temporarily in another EEA country or Switzerland. 

    You are entitled to treatment on a par with citizens of the country you are staying in.

    Travel insurance for group travel

    All group travel participants are insured via OsloMet’s travel account; see terms and conditions below. Questions about insurance provided through Eurocard’s insurance company: 

    In the event of losses, Eurocard owners can contact Trygg Forsikring, telephone +47 55172000.

  • Conditions of insurance for OsloMet's company cards

  • Contacting the insurance company

    If you have applied for an invoice profile (see separate section), you will get in invoice from Berg-Hansen and you are insured via the Eurocard Corporate Card.

    Contact the insurance company on telephone 53211388 if you have questions. Acute illness while travelling can be reported as soon as possible on 55171001.

    After your trip you can report issues to Trygg Forsikring by logging on with bank-ID at

    If you have used another credit card for the payment, you must contact your own insurance company.

Contact travel agency

Contact travel agency