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Travels abroad

Travels abroad

Here you will find tips and useful information about travels abroad.

General travel tips

Prepare for your trip

On Sikresiden.no you can read more about the precautionary measures you need to take both before traveling and during your trip. Here you will find safety advice about how to store medicines during the trip, what types of vaccines you should take as well as how to safely use your work/personal computer and/or tablet during the trip. Read more on Sikresiden.no.

Voluntary travel registration

OsloMet recommends that you register your trip on Reiseregistrering.no when going abroad. This way the Foreign Service can get in touch with you in case something serious should happen. In an emergency situation, the Foreign Service can reach you quickly by email, SMS or phone.

Here you can also find the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' official travel advice for different countries

Hotels / restaurants

Good average standard hotels / restaurants will be used. Note that in cities with high crime rates, the hotel should be located in a safe part of town.

Hotels / restaurants in the upper price class will otherwise only be used when special circumstances allow it, after prior agreement with the manager.

Trips to high-risk areas

One must always follow the Norwegian authorities’ advice on high-risk areas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' official travel advice for different countries (only in Norwegian).

OsloMet may choose to impose travel bans on certain areas, but cannot make employees travel to areas they feel uncomfortable with.

Disease prevention

The traveller has a personal responsibility to ensure that the necessary disease prevention measures are undertaken if traveling to special countries/ continents. See which travel vaccines you need if you are going to a high-risk area. Remember to get the vaccines well ahead of your trip.

OsloMet will cover any necessary expenses for vaccination.  Contact you immediate manager to clarify whether the expense can be covered by OsloMet. If so, you will get a refund for the expenses.

Travel support and competence building

Erasmus+ exchange for employees

Employee exchange in the form of education and training periods. The offer is managed by the Section for Internationalisation.

Study visits / secondments

Research and Development (R&D) support

Internationalisation funding (R&D)
Grant schemes and funding sources (R&D)