Psykososial oppfølging - Ansatt

Retningslinjer for oppfølging av dødsfall

Retningslinjer for oppfølging av dødsfall

Psychosocial follow-up after death

Psychosocial follow-up after death

A death is linked to a unique person and his /her personal history. Understanding the uniqueness and exceptionality of these situations is important, and as employees at the university we have the task to care for both students, employees and relatives when deaths occur.


The head of department / head of studies / immediate manager with HR responsibility is responsible for the follow-up. They are free to delegate the different tasks depending on the situation and the personal suitability of the responsible. HR shall assist. Local academic staff at HR and in the study administration (STU) may assist.

If necessary, central resources can assist; see Support group in case of deaths.


Condolence letter for relatives

Consider whether to send a condolence letter and / or a flower arrangement to the relatives. Exercise discernment.

  • In case of an employee’s death, assess whether the manager and / or a colleague should convey a condolence letter personally.

Information about relatives:

  • For employees, the information can be found in SAP. HR can assist in obtaining it.
  • For students, the Student priest can assist in obtaining contact information

The name and telephone number of the relatives’ contact should be given to the other relatives, along with the encouragement to take contact when needed.

Memorial site

The deceased's death should be marked with a memorial site, unless the relatives are opposed to this.

The head of department / immediate manager with HR responsibility is responsible for setting up the memorial site. Students should not be given the main responsibility for this, but they may contribute if they so wish.

A memorial site should contain:

  • A table with a white tablecloth and flowers, chairs,
  • A picture of the deceased (or name) and
  • A condolence book and a pen.

The memorial site should be removed after 14 days. The picture and condolences book must be sent or handed over to the relatives. For equipment, see Memorial service.


The date of the funeral must be made known to affected students and employees.

Provisions should be made to ensure that all students / employees wishing to participate get the opportunity to do so. If possible, at least one employee must attend.

Shared transport can be arranged for. We have a framework agreement on bus transport - contact the local purchaser.

Flower arrangement / wreath

The faculty / department / section buys wreaths or flowers. This is ordered in the ordering system.

Memorial service

The memorial service should be held in a suitable venue after the funeral / ceremony.

It is recommended to organise one joint memorial service where the relatives are invited to participate. The time of the memorial service must be clarified with the relatives if they wish to participate. See Memorial service.

A memorial service at OsloMet is not a public event, and the media should not be invited.


Some educational institutions write obituaries and post them on their web pages. OsloMet advises against this. The disclosure of obituaries would require an equitable practice, but the university is too large for this to be realistic. For example, in case of especially remarkable students or employees, the obituary can be registered in Khrono.

Assets, classroom, office

The immediate manager and/ or the relatives’ contact welcomes the relatives when handing over the deceased's assets. Keep in mind that relatives may appreciate seeing the rooms where the deceased has spent a lot of time.



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.