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Retningslinjer for oppfølging av dødsfall

Death of a student

How to follow up the message that a student has passed away.

Follow-up of a student's death

The local HR unit, in cooperation with the immediate manager and / or the study administration, is responsible for ensuring that the follow-up of death occurs in line with the following instructions:

  • Clarify whether the deceased was carrying out paid work at OsloMet.
    • If the deceased was an employee as well as a student, make sure that the local HR at the relevant unit is notified.
  • Designate a person responsible for safeguarding the personal belongings of the deceased.
  • Identify a relatives’ contact person.
  • Inform affected students and employees about the death as soon as possible - be cautious with sensitive information.
  • Obtain information about the deceased's network at OsloMet. The student group / colleagues will be able to assist.
  • Inform about the time of the funeral.
  • Clarify whether a condolence bouquet should be sent and, if so, which unit should send it / pay for it. Order in the procurement system.
  • Decide who should be responsible for buying and sending the flower arrangement / wreath. Order in the procurement system.
  • Designate someone to represent OsloMet in the funeral / ceremony.
  • Consider whether a memorial service should be organised and decide who the responsible should be.
  • Deaths must be reported to Dept. STU at Dept. STU follows up in the academic system according to internal guidelines.
  • Make an overview of the classes that the deceased has attended during the last term.
  • Inform the employees working where the deceased has attended the classes.
    • Hold an information meeting for the affected study environment.
  • Inform about the possibility of further follow-up from SiO Consultancy, SiO Health and the Student chaplain or BHT. Local HR can assists with contacting BHT.

Special remarks about students' death

If a student dies during the holidays

If a student dies during the holidays, it may take time for the information to reach us. The receiving of such messages must be handled according to point 1.

As for the measures to be implemented, the deceased’s connection with the university, the relatives' wishes and the time that has passed since the death are decisive factors. Exercise discernment. The decision must be made by the head of department or by the head of studies where this role exists.

If a student dies abroad

If a student dies while performing field work, practical training or during a study trip, these guidelines must be followed to the extent where this is natural and realistically possible. If assistance is needed, contact the Section for Internationalization, Dept. STU at

If an international student dies

In case of death among international students, these guidelines should be followed to the extent where this is natural. In addition to assistance from the resource group, the Section for Internationalization at Dept. STU will be able to assist, contact:


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.