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Administrative support

Administrative support

Memorial service

In the event of death of a student or employee, a memorial service should be held. Here is some advice as to how to arrange it.

The memorial service should be held in a suitable venue after the funeral / ceremony. We recommend that a joint memorial service is organised, in which the relatives are invited to participate as well. The time of the service must be clarified with the relatives if they wish to participate.

Suggestions as to how to organise a memorial service:

At OsloMet we must always strive to treat all students and employees in an equal manner and with dignity.

Pay attention to the deceased's beliefs and cultural background. If you are unsure of the customs that apply, contact the student chaplain for assistance.

Adapt the service to the circumstances and with regards to the number of participants.

Students often wish to contribute, but they should not be assigned the main organisational responsibility.

It is the relatives who decide what information they wish to share.

The student chaplain and HR can assist in the planning and implementation phase. They should also participate in the service as professionals.

All HR units, including the Service Centre at Kjeller, have a memorial service suitcase with all the necessary equipment to set up a memorial site and to carry out a memorial service. The HR units are responsible for the suitcases and must ensure that its contents are in place. The suitcase must contain:

  • Laminated cards with suggestions for implementation
  • Candles, candle holders, matches *
  • A condolence book and pen
  • A flower vase
  • A frame for a picture of the deceased
  • A white table cloth

* Note: candles cannot be used without special permission from the Department of Facilities Management. The use of candles and fire is granted only in exceptional cases. Inquiries must be sent to

A picture of the deceased can be obtained by contacting the Card Centre in Pilestredet 46 (ground floor), or by contacting the deceased’s relatives.

It is recommended that all activity in the affected unit be cancelled for the duration of the memorial service.

The student chaplain has the competence to organise the memorial service and can either lead the implementation or guide others if desired.

A table with a picture of the deceased, along with flowers and (possibly) the condolence book must be set up in a suitable place. The condolence book and /or picture must be handed over to the family following the service.

A memorial service at OsloMet is not a public event, and the media should not be invited.

Programme proposal

  • Music.
  • The person leading the service briefly runs through its programme.
  • Words from the faculty / department management, briefing about the death - only clarified information.
  • Words from someone who knew the deceased.
  • Words from the student chaplain about the situation, about grief and about taking care of each other.
  • Possible poem reading.
  • One minute of silence.
  • Music.

Information about available assistance programmes, the possibility of further conversations and relevant telephone numbers are communicated.


A conversation may be held in connection with the memorial service, in which the participants can be given the opportunity to say something, to talk about memories. The number of participants and the nature of the situation determine whether this is desirable. The Student chaplain can assist with the implementation.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.