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Retningslinjer for oppfølging av dødsfall

Death of an employee

How to follow up the message that an employee has passed away.

Follow-up of the death

The local HR unit, in cooperation with the immediate manager and / or the study administration, is responsible for ensuring that the follow-up of death occurs in line with the following instructions:

  • Clarify whether the deceased was a student at OsloMet as well as an employee.
    • If the deceased was a student as well, make sure that the local HR/ study administration at the relevant unit is notified.
  • Designate a person responsible for safeguarding the personal belongings of the deceased.
  • Identify a relatives’ contact person.
  • Inform about the time of the funeral.
  • Clarify whether a condolence bouquet should be sent and, if so, which unit should send it / pay for it. Order in the procurement system.
  • Decide who should be responsible for buying and sending the flower arrangement / wreath. Order in the procurement system
  • Designate someone to represent OsloMet in the funeral / ceremony.
  • Consider whether a memorial service should be organised and decide who the responsible should be.
  • Make an overview of the teaching that the deceased has been responsible for during the last term.
  • Inform colleagues in the affected unit in a separate meeting.
  • Contact dept. SK (External Relations and Communications) for assistance with assessing the need for, and preparation of, information to the rest of the organisation.
  • Hold an information meeting for the affected study environments.

For follow-up in relation to the terms of employment, see Procedures for termination of working conditions in case of death. Contact Dept. HR regarding Guidelines for access to employee emails and home directory.

Special remarks about employee’s deaths

Lectures / meetings etc.

The head of the deceased's unit must consider whether it is appropriate to cancel scheduled teaching and meetings. Students must be informed according to the guidelines above. Consequences for projects should be assessed by the immediate manager, and the partners involved must be contacted.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.