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Administrative support

Administrative support

After the funeral and the memorial service

The need to talk and to show grief, also following the funeral and the memorial service, differs from person to person. Here is some advice on this.

The need to talk and to show grief is individual – listen and be understanding of the situation.

Resume everyday work routines, but be considerate and allow room for slowing things down. The immediate manager is responsible for ensuring that relevant contact persons’ details are made known in case the students need someone to talk to. Get in touch on a regular basis to hear how things are going and to offer assistance. It may be worth to remind students of important application deadlines, compulsory teaching and the like, and refer to further assistance if someone needs extra follow-up.

The immediate manager is responsible for ensuring that information is communicated to everyone concerned about the possibility of further follow-up from SiO Consulting, SiO Health, the Student Chaplain or the Occupational Health Service (BHT). Local HR can assist with contacting BHT.

Follow-up meetings

If the death has been especially dramatic, it may be relevant to hold several meetings for the affected.

Grief support group

A grief support group is an offer for those who want a place to talk about grief and personal reactions related to grief. The group should not be a substitute for social networking, but rather a complement to this. A grief support group should have no more than 8 participants and is should be offered to the students on a continuous basis. SiO and the student chaplain will be able to assist in directing the group.

If the need for an employee grief support group arises, HR or the student chaplain can help to find relevant resource persons to lead the group, or possible join it themselves. BHT can also assist.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.