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Administrative support

Administrative support

Orientation meeting in case of death

In the event of death, classes or employee groups should be summoned to an orientation meeting as soon as possible, if possible before rumours begin to spread.

Information about the death of a fellow student or employee must be given as quickly as possible. The meeting invitation can be sent by SMS. SMSs may be sent to students through FS, and to employees through the SMS service managed by BIT.

The circumstances of the death and the deceased’s relationship with OsloMet must determine the nature of the orientation meeting.

Who to invite to the meeting must be assessed on a case by case basis. The local HR unit, the study administration and the Resource group for deaths will be able to assist.

If possible, the students should be informed when they are gathered in connection with teaching. Make sure that the location is suitable and that there is room for a sufficient break before the next teaching session. Time should be set aside for conversations and questions - if necessary, the class may be cancelled. Alternatively, fellow students are invited to an extraordinary orientation meeting in a suitable room.

All information provided must be clarified with the relatives and, if necessary, the police. It is the relatives who decide what information to disclose. The orientation must not incite further speculation.

All information must be provided in dignified forms. A death will inevitably affect a study and / or work environment, regardless of whether the individual co-student or colleague knew the deceased. Be aware that a death can provoke various reactions.

If the following information is known and in line with what the relatives have agreed to disclose, please provide information on:

  • Time of the funeral /ceremony
  • Condolences book
  • Memorial service – hand out the contact details of the contact person if anyone wants to participate in the event.
  • Contact information of relevant contact persons if someone needs someone to talk to.

It is recommended that HR and the student chaplain are present. If desired, they may be given the opportunity to say something about the various reactions that may arise following this kind of orientation - regardless of the relationship with the deceased.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.