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Dissemination and publication / Open Access

Open Digital Archive (ODA)

ODA is OsloMet's digital archive and contains peer-reviewed journal articles, master's theses and doctoral theses from OsloMet.

In the Open Digital Archive (ODA) you will find

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles and other scientific documents registered in Cristin.
  • Approved master's theses of students at OsloMet's master programmes.
  • Approved doctoral theses of students at OsloMet's researcher education programmes.

Self-archiving scientific journal articles

Everyone at OsloMet must aupload their scientific journal articles in Cristin.

The documents you upload in Cristin will be stored in a closed archive until the University Library haschecked all rights with the publisher. The articles will then be made available in ODA.

Rights and publication

The University Library checks and clarifies all rights with the publishing house and the publishers. You can upload documents published from 2003 onwards.


Questions? Contact the University Library: