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Open Digital Archive (ODA)

Open Digital Archive (ODA)

ODA is OsloMet’s digital institutional repository. In ODA you can find scientific works, reports, bachelor’s/master’s and PhD theses written by faculty and students.

In the Open Digital Archive (ODA) you can find:

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles and other scientific work registered in Cristin.
  • Up to five bachelor’s theses graded A and B from selected bachelor's programs.
  • Master’s theses with a passing grade (E-A) written by students at OsloMet.
  • Approved PhD theses written at OsloMet.
  • Non scientific publications, such as reports, etc. 
  • Auto-archiving of scientific journal articles

    At OsloMet, everyone must upload their own scientific journal articles to Cristin according to OsloMets Open Access Policy.

    Everything you upload will be stored in a closed repository. You can upload documents published from 2003 onwards. The documents will be verified by the University Library before they are published in ODA. 

  • Publishing bachelor's theses

    ODA contains a selection of A theses from selected bachelor's programs, from 2017 and onwards. The theses are selected by the course coordinator, who sends them to

  • Publishing master's theses

    Approved master's theses are harvested from Inspera and published in ODA by the University Library. Publication must be approved by the candidate upon submission, possibly with an embargo period. Publishing your master's thesis.

  • Publishing dissertations

    The dissertations written by OsloMet are published digitally in Skriftserien ( and stored in ODA. Information about publishing dissertations.

  • Archiving of other documents

    Reports, notes etc. are also archived in ODA. Contact us if you need registration access.

  • Contact information

    Questions? Please contact us at