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Registration of projects in Cristin

Registration of projects in Cristin

All project managers are encouraged to register their projects in Cristin as part of the mapping of the project portfolio at OsloMet.

It makes it easier for the university to get a complete overview of the R&D activities if your project is registered in Cristin.

What should be registered in Cristin's project module?

R&D projects of varying scopes may be submitted to Cristin. The following information must be registered about the project:

  • Title
  • Start date / end date
  • Contact information
  • Persons, units and other projects associated with the project in question
  • Academic discipline, keywords, country, region associated with the project
  • Funding source

Projects will have different designs depending on the academic environment and they will vary in size according to the number of project participants. The project may have several sub-studies consisting of one or more protocols. Where appropriate, both sub-studies and the main project may be registered.

How to register  the project in Cristin

Information about the project is entered into the project module in Cristin. It is possible to submit a summary of the project, participating institutions and project participants, financing and more. It is also possible to submit information about formal approvals of the project, such as approval from NSD and REK.

User documentation has been developed for Cristin and registration in the project module is mentioned in the document.

When are you not supposed register the project in Cristin's project module?

Projects which are subject to agreements on postponed publication date must not be registered in Cristin before the expiration of the period stipulated by the agreement. The reason is the company’s /institution's competitive conditions.

What should not be registered in Cristin's project module?

Activities that are not considered as R&D projects must not be registered in Cristin. For example:

  • an application to the Research Council (applications do not result in research results)
  • professional updates unless it results in a scientific (peer-reviewed) publication
  • guidance of masters and PhD candidates
  • blogging