Arbeidsavtaler - Ansatt

Appointment documents Appointment documents

If you want to enter into a standard employment contract with fixed salary, agreement of hourly pay or contractor/guest lecturer, you will find information relating to the different employment contracts and procedures below.

Standard employment contracts 

Standard employment contracts with fixed salary must be entered into by HR at your faculty/unit.

Employment contract – Hourly pay

Information on how to order an employment contract for an hourly paid employee.

Contract – Guest lecturers

Information on how to enter into a contract with a guest lecturer/contractor

Budget Allocation Authority (BDM)

When you are employing a manager or others that will have budget allocation authority (BDM), an authorisation (power of authority) must be created. An authorisation as budget allocation authority provides the employee authority to allocate means on behalf of the university. A person who is authorised as BDM is obliged to make himself/herself familiar with what this implies. More information about power of authority

If the person you are going to employed is to have budget allocation authority, it is important that the  following form is completed.

Templates and enclosures – standard employment contract

External persons without an employment contract