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HSE Handbook

HSE Handbook

The HSE handbook describes role distribution in the systematic HSE work and how this work should proceed based on the principle of continuous improvement.


Overarching goals and principles for the HSE work at OsloMet

Oslo Metropolitan University should create an inclusive and inspiring working environment that stimulates interaction, learning and development. The HSE work at OsloMet must be continuous and systematic, as part of the primary activity.

OsloMet’s efforts to improve the working environment must support the college's goal of being an innovative and learning organisation with a positive working environment characterised by diversity. OsloMet will ensure that the employees’ duties are good and safe and that they allow for personal development. OsloMet will furthermore develop a working environment that promotes capacity for work, health and well-being, and that protects against work-related illnesses and occupational accidents.

Environmental awareness should permeate all aspects of the college's activities and OsloMet shall continuously strive to reduce the burden on the environment through an environmentally-friendly operation.

The college’s board adopts the overarching goals, strategies and plans for OsloMet’s work on health, safety and environment and will supervise this work.

HSE is a manager responsibility at all levels of the organisation and should be integrated into existing management systems in the line organisation. Duties must follow plans and processes for management and be followed up in the management dialogue. Good management and motivated employees who take on responsibilities is the most important prerequisite for a successful HSE work.

The HSE work at OsloMet  should be based on the principle of continuous improvement, be characterised by a distinct line responsibility and follow up fundamental recommendations.

HSE-related issues must be solved continuously at the lowest possible level to protect staff and students from work-related illnesses, occupational accidents and to prevent that the organisation has a negative impact on the environment.

Roles, responsibilities and duties

The working environment should be developed through cooperation and dialogue, with a clear responsibility distribution and a distinct organisation of the HSE work.

Rector has delegated authorities, responsibilities and duties for the facilitation and monitoring of the systematic HSE work at OsloMet.

Systematic HSE work


A distinction is made between the central and local HSE work. Central HSE work consists of a strategic part handled by the Unit for HSE and a more operational part with support functions, where the Department of Facilities Management and the Department of HR are responsible for monitoring health, safety and environment within their operating areas. The local HSE work takes place in the line.

The HSE activity wheel for continuous improvement consists of the phases planning, executing, monitoring and improving. The work must follow up the college’s goal management documents.

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