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Need to hire someone? Need to hire someone?

Do you need to hire someone in a permanent, temporary or hourly paid position? Or to make a contract with a guest lecturer? On this website you will find information about regulations and the options you have when it comes to different forms of employment. You will also find information about procedures for creating or reversing existing positions.

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What are my options?

OsloMet is a public institution, thus the main rule regarding employment is that all vacant positions must be announced, and that appointments are made on recommendations from an appointments body. Section 3 of our employee regulations provides certain exceptions from this main rule.

Section 11 of the employee regulations describes the possibilities of a simplified appointments process (administrative appointments) in certain special cases. Part-time teachers, lecturers, assistant teachers with less than 37, 5% positions, including examination examiners and examination invigilators are exempt from the employee regulations.

Temporary appointments

Permanent appointments are the main rule. However, appointment of temporary positions may be possible on the following basis, in accordance with the Norwegian Civil Servants Act, section 9:

Permanent appointments are the main rule. However, appointment of temporary positions may be possible on the following basis, in accordance with the Norwegian Civil Servants Act, section 9:

a) When the work is temporary
b) When the work is to substitute a person or several persons (substitute positions)
c) Trainee/professional training position
d) Education positions or
e) For a period of up to six months when an unanticipated need has occurred

For temporary teaching or research positions, the regulations described in the Norwegian Act relating to Universities and University Colleges section 6-5 applies. In cases of additional positions (20%), reference is made to section 6-6

Appointments of fixed-term positions

Regulations relating to appointments in fixed-term positions are described in the Civil Servants Act section 10 and in Act relating to Universities and University Colleges section 6-4.

Creating positions

The creating of positions at the university must as a main rule be made in connection with the annual planning and budgeting process. It must be justified by the unit’s recruitment strategy and planning. Reference is made to the university’s annual cycle.

The procedure below describes the procedure for creating new positions outside the planning and the budgeting process and shall ensure that the university’s staffing always is in accordance with the current recourse plans and priorities.

· Procedure for Creating Positions

Reversing a vacant position

Reversal of positions must be approved by the Dean at the faculty. Cases relating to reversal of positions in the university administration or at the centres must be approved be the HR Director. Cases relating to reversal must be discussed with the unions in local Information, Discussion and Negotiating meetings (IDF).

What you need to do to reverse a position is described in Procedure for Reversal of vacant positions.

Hourly paid employee or guest lecturer

Guest lecturers

When you enter into a contract with an hourly paid lecturer or a guest lecturer, you must in each individual case take into consideration whether or not the contract is necessary for the teaching in order for the students to be able to sit for their examination, or whether this is a measure to make the teaching program more exciting. If it is necessary for the teaching, a contract as an hourly paid lecturer must be entered into.

Contracts for guest lecturers should only be made in cases when there is a need for an individual series of lectures. This should not determine whether the students areable to sit for their examinations. Guest lecturers are agents that receive remuneration as fee.  The fees are paid either as salary or self-employment income. Reference is made to the procedure for payment of salary to guest lecturers or hourly paid lecturers.

Contract template for guest lecturers 
Template – Individual teaching commission - Norwegian / English
Also used when you are sending out an invoice for the commission/contract work

Please note: If it looks like the employee will be absent from work in a time period so long that it would affect the salary payment, please contact section for HR immediately to make sure that the payment is cancelled. (Only applicable to predefined and approved commissions)

Hourly paid employees

Information on how to enter into an employment contract per hour