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Salary and reimbursement


About payment of salary, advances in salary, overtime and holiday pay.

Payment of salary

Fixed salary and salary for part-time employees

Fixed salary and salary for part-time teachers are paid on the 12th of each month. If this date falls on a weekend or a public holiday, payment is made on the first previous working day.

Salary following invoices and salary in the form of remuneration is paid at the end of the month.

NB! If you discover errors or missing payments, contact your local HR section.

New employees

New employees who start working before the 12th will normally be paid during the same month. If the date of entry is after the 12th, the salary will be paid the following month. More information for new employees can be found on OsloMet Start.

Pay slip

Your pay slip for the last 12 months can be found in the SAP portal.

Translation and explanation of your pay slip here

The DFØ app

For easy access to your pay slip, register working hours, time balance overview, absence requests etc.

Download the DFØ app for your smartphone (Android or iOS) here.

Travel settlements

Travel settlements are paid once a week provided that the travel expenses account has been submitted and approved in the SAP portal

Annual report and accounts

The annual report and accounts (“årssammenstilling”) is also available in the SAP portal.

Advances in salary

Advances in salary are only granted under special circumstances and following approval of application.

Completed application for advances in salary must be sent to the Department of Human Resources where they will be processed separately.

Usually it is only when purchasing a house that you can apply for up to two months' salary paid in advance. The basis of the application must be documented, for example by attaching a purchase contract.

The advance in salary is interest-free. The interest benefit of the advance in salary is subject to tax if the advance exceeds 3/5th of the basic national insurance amount or the repayment period is longer than one year.

For more information on payment of salary in advance see the Employee Handbook.


Payment for overtime work

Overtime must be imposed and controllable. An explantion of the reason for overtime must be written into the registration using the comment field.

Payment for overtime work normally occurs two months after the application is sent. This is dependent on acceptance from your personell manager and can therefore be subject to delays.

  • Technical and administrative staff register overtime work in the SAP portal.
  • Scientific staff applies for overtime pay using "Godtgjørelse" in the SAP-portal/DFØ-app. According to the Norwegian Working Environment Act (arbeidsmiljøloven) it must be documentet that  normal working hours has been fulfilled before overtime can be claimed. This is documentet by using the Working Hours form (UF). The form must be approved by your manager. Please provide a signed/approved copy of the form with the "Godtgjørelse" in the SAP-portalen, or supply a written confirmation of approval.
  • See instructions on how to apply for overtime (in Norwegian only).
  • If you have a salary table card, tax will be deducted for overtime according to the table. The tax table is progressive - the higher the amount, the higher the tax.

Compensatory time off

Compensatory time off may be given hour by hour upon agreement with the manager. In this case you will be paid the overtime supplement.

Holiday pay

OsloMet calculates the holiday pay in June each year on the basis of the previous year's salary.

The part of the holiday pay that exceeds your ordinary salary during the holidays – the holiday pay supplement – will be disbursed together with your salary for June.

All your days off must be reported to the manager and registered.

Check the quota overview in the SAP portal to get to know how many holiday days you have at your disposal at any time.

The joint service office for payroll

The joint service office for payroll handles travel expence claims, reimbursements of expences and payment for conctracts of assignment. 

Please contact regarding contracts of assignment and questions regarding overtime.

Please contact regarding travel expence claims and reimbursements of expences.

Useful links

Local salary policy

Local salary policy for OsloMet, with attachments:

Attachment 1 – Work description and qualification requirements

Attachment 2 - Assessment criteria for local negotiations

Attachment 3 - Salary grade for advertised positions

Salary table

Salary table in the State (, in Norwegian only)

Payroll runs

Deadlines for salary and travel expense claims 2020, and other forms


Understanding your payslip


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