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The DFØ app and the SAP portal

The DFØ app and the SAP portal

OsloMet uses the SAP portal and DFØ app for administration of employee data. In the DFØ app and the SAP portal, you can register your working hours, apply for travel approval and register your travel expenses claim, apply for expense reimbursements, display your pay slip, apply for vacation and leave, and a lot more.


The SAP portal is only available when you are logged in to the OsloMet network. Connect to VPN if you need access from home or remotely.

Please note that you can change language in the SAP portal by using the globe symbol in the upper right of your screen after logging in. 

You have to have a valid user to the SAP portal in order to log in. This requires an active employment agreement.

See the user guide to the SAP portal (

  • SAP on your phone – the DFØ app

  • Using the DFØ app


    Please note that you can change language in the DFØ app by scrolling down to "Innstillinger" (i.e. Settings) and then changing "Språk i appen" (i.e. Language in the app). 

    See the guide lines for the DFO app

    The DFO app (

    Video guides for the DFO app (

    Log in

    • First time user: log in with secure login through an ID portal: MinID, BankID or BankID on mobile or Buypass ID on mobile.
    • Following login: select a four-digit PIN.
    • This PIN is used every time you log in to the DFØ app.

    What can you do in the app?

    • clock in and out

    • change personal information

    • record working hours/activities

    • check your time balance

    • record overtime

    • register and submit travel expenses accounts

    • reimbursement of expenses

    • correction of submitted travel expenses accounts and expense reimbursements

    • leave of absence requests

    • authorisation feature for managers

  • The SAP portal for new employees

    New employees are asked to register your emergency contact person(s) and any children under 12 years of age.

    You register your family contacts under "Employment status" and "Family/contact person" i the SAP portal/DFØ app. 

    Paid leave for children who are sick and need care from a parent requires that you register your children in the SAP portal. Contact person(s) is important for OsloMets contingency plans. 

    See the DFO page on attendance and absence (  

  • What can I administer myself in the SAP portal?

    All employees with monthly salaries must use the portal.

    Hourly paid employees

    Those who receive remunerations based on the submission of manual time sheets will receive a written pay slip and must submit the travel expenses account manually.

    Those who receive remunerations based on the submission of digital time sheets will receive a digital pay slip in the DFØapp and Betalmeg.  Travel expenses account must be submitted manually.

    Electronic pay slip

    You will not receive your pay slip in the mail shelf - you must actively download and/or print this from the SAP-portal or Betalmeg if necessary.

    The current and older pay slips are available to you in the SAP portal for the period of your employment. You are advised to save a local copy of your pay slips before the end of your employment.

    Electronic management of business travels

    • The employee must personally record his or her travel expenses account.
    • After registration, the electronic claim is sent to a case officer for review, and then to the manager for approval before disbursement.
    • You can always check the status of the processing of your travel expenses claim and display previous travel settlements.

    Pre-approval of trips

    The SAP portal also facilitates for easy pre-approval of trips, which can be used before booking.

    • This is done under: Travel and expenses reimbursements / Travel application / Create travel request.

    Electronic reimbursement of expenses

  • Manager insight for HR and payroll (in Norwegian)

    "Manager insight" gives managers valuable information on their employees and a range of different rapports. "Team Calender" shows planned absence. 

  • SAP for supervisors (in Norwegian)

    Click the "NO" button in the orange header to see the Norwegian site about SAP for supervisors.



Kontaktpunkt for teknisk hjelp, pålogging og tilgang til SAP

For technical issues, such as login or access, contact:

E-mail :

Hjelp med DFØ-appen

Phone :
406 34 021
E-mail :

For hours and absence recording in SAP, contact:

Url :
Kontakt HR-fellestjenester

SAP-kontakter i SVA

SAP-kontakter SVA Kontakt lokal SAP-superbruker: SVA - NOVA: May-Lill Skogli SVA - AFI: Christina Lindskog SVA - NIBR: Kathrine Gangnes SVA- SIFO: Nadia Naguib Vaagan