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Tools and support

Tools and support

Tools overview

Assistance with the DFØ app and the SAP portal

In the DFØ app and the SAP portal, you can apply for travel approval and register your travel expenses account, apply for expenses reimbursements and display your pay slip.
SAP is only available when you are logged on to the OsloMet network.
Connect to VPN if you work from home/ externally for access to SAP


SAP on your phone – the DFØ app

The DFØ app is the mobile version of the SAP portal and it is very easy to use.

Download the DFØ app for smart phones - Android/iPhone/iPad (

How to use the DFØ app (

Start using the DFØ app

  • First time: log in with secure login through an ID portal: MinID, BankID or BankID on mobile or Buypass ID on mobile.
  • Following login: select a four-digit PIN.
  • This PIN is used every time you log in to the DFØ app.

What can you do in the app?

What do I administer myself in the SAP portal?

All employees with monthly salaries must use the portal.

Hourly paid employees

Those who receive remunerations based on the submission of time sheets will receive a written pay slip and must submit the travel expenses account manually.

Electronic pay slip

You will not receive your pay slip in the mail shelf - you must actively pick it up and print it if necessary.

The pay slip is always available and you can also display previous pay slips.

Electronic management of business travels

  • The employee must personally record his or her travel expenses account.
  • After registration, the electronic claim is sent to a case officer for review, and then to the manager for approval before disbursement.
  • You can always check the status of the processing of your travel expenses claim and display previous travel settlements.
Pre-approval of trips

The SAP portal also facilitates for easy pre-approval of trips, which can be used before booking.

  • This is done under: Travel and expenses reimbursements / Travel application / Create travel request.

Electronic reimbursement of expenses

E-forms - electronic forms in the SAP portal

E-forms are used for requests for remuneration, leave of absence, transfer of vacation days, and the recording of side-line jobs and extra tax deductions, etc. E-form streamlines and simplifies financial and HR tasks for employees and managers.

In 2018, the E-form will be used to record working hours for hourly paid employees.

Assistance page for E-forms

With E-forms in the SAP Portal, employees can:

e-skjemaløsningen i SAP

Approval and verification of all forms

All forms except the tax deduction form are sent to review and approval by either HR or finance staff before they are posted in the payroll system.

Electronic follow up of sick leave (SFO) – for managers

As of August 15, 2016, we will use electronic follow up of sick leave for all managers in the SAP portal.

SAP support



E-skjema brukes til søknad om godtgjørelser og permisjoner, til registrering av ekstraerverv og ekstra skattetrekk m.m. I løpet av 2018 vil E-skjema også brukes til registrering av timer for timelønnede.