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E-forms - electronic forms

E-forms - electronic forms

E-forms are used for requesting remunerations and leave of absence as well as recording side-line jobs and extra tax deductions etc. In 2018, we started to use E-forms to record working hours of hourly paid employees as well.

E-forms are a SAP portal solution for digital finance and HR tasks.

  • Renumerations

    Taxable expenses

    Use the form for "Remunerations" for any taxable expenses you have had and that the employer should cover.

    • Examples: Free newspaper, free internet / phone, paid gym fees.

    • Disbursements which are subject to the reporting obligation, such as free newspapers / internet / telephone, are paid out along with the main salary.

    Is another unit going to pay out your remuneration? More information about recording the cost centre.

    Note! «Remunerations» should be used for goods which are subject to the reporting obligation.

    How to record remunerations

    1. Select Payroll info type - see description of codes

    2. Record amount

    3. Choose date

    4. Then press "Add Line." Multiple entries can be registered per. form.

    5. Add any attachments (PDF only) or notes.

    6. Press "Send for Approval".

    Payroll info type

    Available payroll info types in the E-form "Remuneration" for employees:

    Payroll info type

    Info type


     Used for


    Free newspaper, ref. employer.

    Reimbursement of newspaper delivered home


    Free newspaper no 2, ref. employer.

    Reimbursement newspaper delivered home from 2nd newspaper 


     Ref. Ek-services

     Reimbursement of internet

    Approval of Remunerations

    The form will be sent to:

    1. approver is finance staff

    2. approver is your immediate manager

    If you need to override, tap "Deviant Accounting".

    Monitor the processing status of your E-form.

    About disbursement of salary /remuneration following approval

    E-forms go to the first regular wage disbursement following approval

    • Approved hourly salary is disbursed along with the main salary on the 12th of each month.

    • Remunerations are disbursed twice a month, usually week 2 and 4.

    Have you performed commissions for another unit? Should another unit disburse your salary /remuneration?

    More information about cost centre and work place registration.

    Pay particular attention to cost centre and workplace

    You must change the budget unit and work order in the E-form if you have:

    • Completed commissions for another section / department / faculty / centre than the one you usually work in.

    • It has been agreed that another unit will disburse your salary / remuneration.

    Note! In SAP:

    • Budget unit is called «cost centre"»

    • Work order is called: «K-element 4»

    How to register your budget unit / cost centre

    1. Check "Deviating accounting" in the E-form (see screenshot below)

    2. Fill in the correct Cost centre (budget unit)

    3. Fill in K-element 4 (work order)

    Skjermbilde av Avvikende kontering i SAP-portalen


    • It is important that the budget unit (Cost centre) and work order (K-element 4) are correctly filled in.

    • The e-form must go to the correct approver(s) and be charged to the correct cost centre. In case of errors or lacking information in the cost centre and work order entries, the processing time will be extended and the disbursement will be offset.

    Should you get a reimbursement for your expenses?

    Expenses covered by the employer include for example computer glasses, airline tickets, books, meals, travel expenses and parking, see expense reimbursement.


  • Leave requests

    Absence of less than 14 days

    When applying for a leave of absence of less than 14 days, use the form for "Absence request" in the DFØ app / SAP Portal.

    Absence of more than 14 days

    When applying for a leave of absence of more than 14 days, use the E-form "Leave request" in the SAP portal. For example:

    • Parental leave

    • Care leave

    • Educational leave

    How to register your leave of more than 14 days

    1. Select the period of the leave.

    2. Check for full or partial leave;

    a. In case of partial leave, you write absence percentage.

    1. Select that type of leave from the drop down menu, if you know it. See different types of leave here

    a. If you do not know the type of leave, describe the leave in the comments box.

    1. Upload any documentation.

    2. In case of parental leave, you must attach the application for parental benefits sent to NAV.

    3. Press "Send for approval".

    See the e-learning video, How to use the E-form "Leave request".

    Are you going on holiday during your leave?

    Are you applying for parental leave and have already decided when to take your holiday during the leave? Two different leave requests are required in the SAP portal; one prior to and one following the holiday period.

    Requesting holiday in the DFØ app

    • Request holiday under "Absence request" in the DFØ app, otherwise you will receive an error message caused by the two coinciding absences.


    A parental leave for all of 2018 with holiday leave throughout July can be requested as follows:

    • E-form: leave request parental leave (choose the right code) 01.01.18 - 30.06.18

    • E-form: leave request parental leave (choose the right code) 01.08.18 - 30.12.18

    • E-form: absence request: holiday 01.07.18 - 31.07.18

    Recommended leaves and applications

    The E-form "Leave request" contains a wide range of different leaves. Only a few of these should be used at OsloMet.

    Click on "NO" in the header on this page to see the Norwegian overview of the recommended codes to use for leave.



    The application will be sent for approval:

    1. approver: HR.

    a. HR might return the application for changes or corrections as needed.

    1. approver: immediate manager.

    Changes to approved application

    • You must contact your local HR employee to inform about any changes to the approved and registered E-form "Leave request". See contact information in the top right corner

    • The E-form can be deleted by the applicant as long as it is in the stage of processing with approver 1 and 2. After registering in SAP, a professional user must do this.

    Monitor the processing status of your E-form.

    Do you need help?

    If you have questions about disability benefits / disability leave, military service, further education, etc., contact your local HR employee (see contact information) for guidance.

  • Transferral of vacation days

    You can transfer a total of 14 statutory and contractual vacation days to the next vacation year. This form meets the terms and conditions of a written agreement.

    The Holidays Act grants a general right to enter into a written agreement in order to transfer up to 12 working days of statutory vacation days to the following vacation year. In addition, arrangements can be made for the transfer of 2 contractual vacation days, making up a total of 14 vacation days.

    TA employees

    Fill out the number of days of the year's vacation quota that you wish to transfer to the next year.

    See the e-learning video, How to use the E-form "transferral of vacation days".

    UF employees

    Separate rules according to work schedule and holidays.


    Press "Send for approval". The application goes directly to your manager.

    Monitor the processing status of your E-form.

  • Resignation

    Use the E-form "Resignation" to cancel your entire position.

    • Do not use the form for leave requests, see "request for leave of absence".
    • Do not use the form for retirement
    • Do not use the form for resignation of parts of your position - for full resignation only
    • The E-form "Resignation" automatically sets the current date as the submission date and has a separate field for the last pay day.

    See the e-learning video, How to use the E-form "Resignation".


    1. approver (HR employee), sets the date of resignation and the date of termination of salary.

    2. approver, your immediate manager, then gets the form.

    Monitor the processing status of your E-form.

  • Side-line jobs

    Side-line jobs and duties is work that is performed in addition to that required by your regular position.

    • Side-line jobs (see rules for extra duties in the employee handbook) must be recorded in order to provide the employer with an overview of the employee's extra tasks, duties and ownership interests.
    • The form can be used as a reporting tool and for checking the employee’s impartiality.

    How to register a side-line job / extra duty

    Use the E-form "Side-line jobs" to register side-line jobs / extra duties. You can register past and future side-line jobs.

    Fill in the following

    • Category of the side-line job

    • Name of employer / contractor

    • Period

    • Reason

    • Description

    Change or view all registered side-line jobs in the form

    To view and change registered side-line jobs, use the E-form "My side-line jobs".

    See the e-learning video, How to use the E-form "My side-line jobs".


    The information is only available to the immediate manager.

    HR staff and managers can retrieve reports on the recorded side-line jobs.

    Monitor the processing status of your E-form.

  • Extra tax deduction

    In the form "Extra tax deductions" you can add extra tax deduction per month for one year at a time. Note! The deductions are per month and not per year!

    Note! If, for a certain period, e.g. July, you do not want extra tax deductions, you set the start month to July, the end month to July and 0.00 as the amount. This way nothing will be deducted in July.

    See the e-leaning video, How to use the E-form "Extra tax deductions".

    Does not require authentication

    The form goes directly to the salary system for update and requires no approval.

  • Transferral/ disbursement of travel hours / overtime

    The form is an application for the transferal of hours from the travel / overtime balance to the flexi balance, or for disbursement.

    • The form can be used to compensate for minus hours in the flexi balance.
    • The form can also be used to apply for disbursement of accumulated travel hours.

    See the e-learning video, How to use the E-form "Transferral/disbursement of hours".

  • Monitor the processing status of your E-form

    Under the E-form menu in the SAP portal, you will find the list of submitted forms; see "List of all submitted forms."

    The list shows all your submitted forms and their processing status.

    The different statuses mean the following:

    • For processing with approver 1: You have submitted the form and it is now being checked by approver 1. The approver column shows the name of the person who has been charged with approving the form.

    • For processing with approver 2: Approver 1 has submitted the form to approver 2 for approval. The approver column shows the name of the person who has been charged with approving the form in this second stage.

    • For treatment with employee: Approver 1 or 2 has returned the form to you with a comment. In the approver column you will see your own name. You must retrieve the form from your inbox, review the comment, and resend it for approval.

    • For registering: The form has been approved and sent on to update in the salary system.

    • Sent to update in the salary system: This status only applies to the form "Extra tax deductions". This form does not pass through the approvers but is sent directly to update in the payroll system.

    • Done / Done without deviation: The form has been updated in the salary system. If the form concerns the disbursement or deduction of an amount, this will take place at the next payroll. The form will keep this status even after the disbursement / deduction has been made.

    • Error when posting: An error has been detected in the registration and the form has been sent to a salary administrator who processes the form.

    See the e-learning video, How to use the "List of all submitted forms".

    Display submitted forms in the DFØ app

    In the DFØ app, you can find the list of submitted forms under "Remuneration" (the only E-forms available in the app)

    Press "Remunerations" and a list of submitted forms will appear. Their statuses are clearly marked.

  • Who is approver 1 and 2 on the e-form?

    Approver 1 controls regulations, payroll info types, etc. and passes the form on to the 2nd approver.

    Approver 1

    • For HR-relevant E-forms (leave of absence, transfer of vacation days, resignation), approver 1 is your local HR employee.

    • For E-forms regarding finance ("Remunerations"), financial employees take on the role of approver 1 (the same ones who process travel accounts).

    Approver 2

    • Approver 2 has budgetary authority and approves or rejects the application.

    • Approver 2 is your immediate manager in the organisation, unless you have changed the cost centre in the E-form. In this case, the E-form goes to 1st and 2nd approver in the unit associated with this cost centre.

Contact local HR

Contact local HR

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.

Central administration

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Section for HR Services

Faculty of Health Sciences

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Section for HR
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HR - Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Education and International Studies

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Section for HR

Faculty of Social Sciences

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Section for HR

Faculty of Technology, Art and Design

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Section for HR

Centre for Welfare and Labour Research

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HR responsible



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