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Employment contracts for hourly paid employees and assignment agreements

Employment contracts for hourly paid employees and assignment agreements

Here you will find information on how to create contracts for hourly-paid employees and for external assignment workers who receive remuneration. You will find guidelines for signing employment contracts and assignment agreements, and for submitting time sheets. You will also find information for employees with budget authority (BDM) about the role of approving the ordered contract,

The solution described is developed for the higher education sector, and handles orders, control and payment of hourly wage and assignment agreements in the DFØ app / SAP portal.

If you have questions about specific orders/cases, please contact variabellonn@oslomet.no

Please note: The information on this page does not apply to internal contracts (internoppdrag) or company assigment workers who are payed by invoice. In this context assigment worker refres to persons whose salary is liable to tax, but who do not have an employment contract.

  • Employees with hourly employment contracts must submit digital time sheets in order to receive payment. For more information, see the section "Hourly paid employees - submission of time sheets".

NB! Har du mottatt arbeidsavtale Timekontrakt må du sende digitale timelister for å motta timelønn. Se punktet "Timelønnet arbeidstaker - innlevering av timelister".

Løsningen som beskrives er utviklet for UH-sektoren, og håndterer bestillinger, kontroll og utbetaling av timelønns- og oppdragsavtaler i DFØ-appen / SAP-portalen. 

Har du spørsmål om konkrete bestillinger/saker, ta kontakt med variabellonn@oslomet.no

OBS: Løsningen gjelder ikke for internavtaler, avtaler hvor det sendes faktura eller for eksterne sensorer som håndteres av studieavdelingene. 

  • Who should have contracts in this solution?

    This solution will gradually rolled out at OsloMet during 2021-2022. As of August 2021, the faculty of Social sciences (SAM) and faculty of Health sciences (HV) are on this solution.

    These must have an hourly wage contract

    • Student Assistant
    •  Scientific assistant (not monthly paid vit.ass)
    • Employees on retirement terms
    • Others with short, repeated tasks
    • Internal censorship, correction, guidance (see note below)

    These must have an assignment contract

    • Internal censorship, correction, guidance (see note below)
    • Assessment of doctoral degree, dissertation and disputation
    • Assessment of competence promotion
    • Assessment of applicants for scientific positions
    • Members of boards, councils and committees
    • Payment for meeting attendance
    • Guest lecturer
    • Seminar assignments

    NB: Some assignments can be both an hourly wage contract and an assignment contract, depending on whether it is an employment relationship or an assignment relationship. The payroll department assesses which form of affiliation and which type of contract is used in such cases. The criteria for assessments can be found here (only in norwegian) 

  • Ordering a contract

    You can order a conctract by the DFØ Self-service portal or by using the DFØ app

    We recommend the following guidelines:

    Important information about ordering contracts

    When ordering contracts, the following information is required:

    1. Level of education - state the employees completed highest level of education.
    2. Work tasks, assignment and place of work. Remember to choose the type of contract: hourly pay og contractor. This defines which assignments that can be ordered.
    3. Number of hours in the contract - the maximum number of hours 
    4. For hourly-paid teachers/lecturers: State "emnekode", subject code.
    5. State the factor where this is relevant, e.g. preparation time. Please note that only one value of factor can be assigned per contract.
    6. Date of birth *  – not a demand, but greatly beneficial in order to secure the identity of the employee/contractor 
    7. Financial information: the "budsjettenhet" and "arbeidsordre" that the contract is to be charged to. **
    8. Salary level/payment terms that has been agreed
    9.  Access needs, does the employee or conctractor require access to IT-accounts, ID-card etc.?

    * The case handler that processess the contract might need this if there are several persons of similiar names in the payroll system. When the employee and/or conctractor recieves the contract for signing, he/she is required to state his/her birth and social security number or passport copy and birth date. 

    ** If no other information is provided, the conctract is charged to the same financial units that the person ordering the contract is charged to. 

    The field «Organisasjonsenhet» is pre-filled with your organisational unit. The case handler that handles the contract can change the organisational unit.  

    The above information is important and required in order for Payroll to handle your contract order. If the information is not provided, the contract order will be sendt back to the person ordering the contract.

    When the case handler is finished with the contract proposal, the conctract is sendt to an employee with budget authority, BDM, that can approve or reject the contract proposal. After approval, the conctract is sendt to the employee/conctractor for signing.

    Please also see the guide lines to ordering contracts (information in Norwegian).

  • Approving or rejecting contract proposals (for leaders with budget authority)

    You will find contract proposals in the DFØ app or DFØ Self-service portal. The conctracts will be in the «Innkurv» (inbox).

    See the video guidelines from DFØ (DFØ app) on how to approve contracts, or read the guide lines approve contract (DFØ self service portal).

  • Signing the contract

    When you have recieved a contract proposal for hourly employment or conctractor contract, you must digitally sign and accept the contract. Without signature the conctract is not valid and you do not have a agreement to work for OsloMet. No payment will be made.

    Please see the instructions on how to sign the contract: Sign the contract (dfo.no)

    See more information in the guidelines (PDF, in Norwegian) on how to sign a conctract proposal.

    Please note I:

    During the signature process you will be asked the question "Do you have a BankID?". Unless you have a Norwegian BankID and Norwegian birth/social security number or D-number, you must answer "No" to this question. You will then be asked for a copy of your passport and your signature, and the conctract will be written in English. 

    Please note II: 

    If you already have an employee or conctractor relationship with OsloMet, your address and bank account number is already registered in the payroll system. These can not be changed in the signature process - please return/reject the contract and provide the new information in the comment field to the case handler. You will then recieve a new conctract proposal with updated information. 

    Please note III:

    All dates are written in the Norwegian date format: DD.MM.YYYY. 

    E.g.: 01.06.21 means June 1st, 2021. 

  • Hourly paid employee - submission of time sheets

    After the conctract for hourly employment is signed, and you have performed some or all of the agreed work, you must send digital time sheets to OsloMet.

    Time sheets are sent using the DFØ app (for smart phone or tablet) or DFØ Self-service portal (PC/desktop).

    Read about and install the DFØ app here: DFØ-app - DFØ (dfo.no)

    The time sheets (or lists) are controlled and approved by case handlers in OsloMet.

    For sending time sheets with the DFØ self-service portal or DFØ app, see the following guidelines 

    1. How to submit your hours (DFØ self service portal)
    2. How to submit your hours (DFØ app)

    Please note:
    There can only be sent one time sheet per month - make sure that all of the hours you have worked in the current month are registered before sending the time list.  

    All dates are written in the Norwegian date format: DD.MM.YYYY.

  • Payment of submitted hours

    After you have submitted the time sheets, a case handler in OsloMet receives the sheets for approval. If there is any need for change in the time sheet, this will be sendt back to you from the case handler. You will find the time sheet in the "Innkurv" in the SAP portal or the DFØ app. See the following guidelines:

    After the case handler approves the time list, the hours are posted in the payroll system and payment is made on the first possible payment day. 

    Payments are made on the 12th of the month if the time sheet has been approved by the monthly deadline, which is the 3rd or 4th of each month. If the time list is not approved within this deadline, the hours will be paid the next payment day, the 12th in the following month.

  • Payment of conctractor contract

    When the date for the assignment stated in the assignment contract has passed, a case handler in OsloMet will approve the payment. After approval, the payment is posted in the payroll system and paid on the first possible payment day.

    For assignment contracts payments are twice a month, on 16th to 18th and the 27th to 30th.

    Please note that if you have a assignment contract for e.g. 01st May - 30th September, the payment will be approved after 01 October and the first possible payment day will be 16th October.