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Safety Delegates and the Safety Delegate Scheme

Safety Delegates and the Safety Delegate Scheme

Overview of the safety services as well as links to internal documents and external resources that regulate and describe the safety delegate's role and duties.

The Unit for HSE must be notified of changes to the safety areas and the appointment of new safety delegates.

Chief safety delegate (CSD) is Marthe Eikum-Tang.

OsloMet's chief safety delegate has a full-time position. The CSD’s office is located on campus Pilestredet.

The chief safety delegate’s main task is to coordinate the safety service’s activities and to represent the employees in the working environment committee. HiOA’s guidelines for the safety service describe these tasks based on the Working Environment Act and on the Regulations on organisation, management and employee participation - see links at the bottom of page.

The chief safety delegate’s deputy steps in when the CSD is absent. The CSD’s deputy has their daily work at Campus Kjeller.

Faculty / central administration safety delegate (FSD)

At each faculty, at the Centre for Welfare and Labour Research, and in the central administration there should be a FSD who coordinates and monitors the safety delegates locally and who represents the safety delegates in LWEC. Read more in the guidelines for the safety service.

The college currently has the following FSD:

Safety Delegate