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Interviews and process Interviews and process

On this website you will find information about regulations and tools for selection and interview in connection with the recruitment processes. You will also find a template for recommendations.

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Selection and processing of applicants

When you assess who is the most qualified candidate and who you are going to summon for an interview, you must start by considering the requirements you have stated in the announcement. You must emphasise education, experience and personal suitability. When it comes to announcements of teaching and research positions, all positions must initially be assessed by an expert committee. Read more about expert committees and guidelines for appointment of committees.

OsloMet is a public institution which means that we are obliged to  announce positions as a part of getting the best possible qualified applicants. This is founded in the qualification principle  in the Norwegian Civil Servants Act, section 3. The qualification principle implies that all public institutions must choose the applicant that after an overall assessment is considered to be the best qualified applicant. The principle ensures that the appointment is given on fair grounds and that ulterior or arbitrary considerations are not taken into account. The regulations also include some exceptions from the qualification principle.

The following criteria must be considered in connection with selection of candidates for an interview:

1.      Reduced functional ability

2.      Immigrant background

3.      Gaps in the CV 

4.      Government employees with documented redundancy


It is important to make an interview guide prior to the interviews. The guide should be is set up with the aim of thoroughly mapping the candidate's competence on the basis of requirements and wishes in the announcement.  A well-designed interview guide will contribute to a structured interview, in addition to creating a basis for the development of the position.

The interview guide must also ensure equal treatment of candidates in the interview and be a tool in the process of appointing the right candidate for the position. The HR adviser at you unit may assist you with setting up an interview guide.

Travel costs in connection with interviews

Statens personalhåndbok, chapter 10 (the Government Employee Manual) states that the institutions decide what legitimate travel cost may be covered in connection with job interviews. It also states that «New ICT solutions make it possible to conduct interviews with applicants with a long commute via a video and/or telephone conference».

At OsloMet, the following clarification also applies:

"The initial interview may be conducted by personal attendance or via skype/other digital services. When appropriate, it is possible to carry out the whole recruitment process through digital services. The manager should be provided with technical support from OsloMet BIT. In cases where the whole recruitment process is carried out via digital services, the person conducting the interview must have completed competence development measures in use of digital interview forms.

Travel expenses must be covered by the recruiting unit. »

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