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Health, Safety and Environment / Safety

Fire safety

This document contains information about fire protection and safety at OsloMet.

Table of contents

Fire and evacuation

In the event of fire
When the fire alarm sounds, you must:
  1. Close windows and doors in your area
  2. Follow the instructions of the zone coordinator, manager and/or the fire services
  3. Leave the buildning through the nearest emergency exit and evacuate to the assembly point

When you discover a fire, you must:

  1. Notify everyone in your proximity, trigger the fire alarm, call 110
  2. Rescue people who need help leaving the building
  3. Extinguish if you can
  4. Evacuate through the closest emergency exit

Assembly points

Fire instructions

Fire instructions

Fire instructions for zone coordinators

Fire instructions for teaching, course and conference premises

Fire safety training

As an employee of OsloMet, you have a duty to complete the compulsory fire safety training.

In the e-learning course "Fire protection training for staff at OsloMet 2020", you will become familiar with fire prevention and limitation and how to raise the alarm and evacuate.

Log in with Feide here and then use this link to sign up. 


Fire safety and disabilities

Evacuation chairs and stretchers for people with disabilities

Evacuation instructions for wheelchair users

Fire alarm on your mobile phone

Fire drills

General information about fire drills

Preventive fire safety work

Preventive fire safety work

Organisation and roles

Governing documents regarding fire safety at OsloMet

Descriptions of functions for:

Kontakt brannvern

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