Evacuation instructions for wheelchair users - Ansatt

Evacuation instruction for wheelchair users

Evacuation instruction for wheelchair users

When the fire alarm sounds

  1. Make the evacuation chair ready if there is one in the area.
  2. Initiate evacuation of the wheelchair user.
  3. In the event that a wheelchair user has to be evacuated without using an evacuation chair, the person must be carried out by holding him/her under each arm, alternatively in a fireman's lift.
  4. It is important to notify people nearby to get assistance in the evacuation of the wheelchair user.
  5. Leave the building through the emergency exit and evacuate to the assembly point.
  6. Notify the appointed staff at OsloMet and/or the fire services.
  7. If the wheelchair user cannot be evacuated, he/she must be evacuated to the nearest safe fire cell (room). Then notify the fire services by calling 110.


  • Who you are
  • What the situation is
  • Where you are

After working hours

If a wheelchair user is alone on the premises after ordinary office hours (16.00), the security guard must be informed.

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