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Fire prevention

Fire prevention

Preventive fire protection work at OsloMet must be part of the systematic HSE work. As a member of staff, you must have sufficient knowledge of fire safety before starting work.

Your responsibility

All members of staff at OsloMet have an obligation to

  • Familiarise yourself with the relevant fire instructions and comply with them
  • Take responsibility for not causing fire or damage
  • Take responsibility for reporting any errors, non-conformities and other irregularities that are related to fire safety.

Familiarise yourself with

  • the location of the nearest fire extinguisher and how it works. Nobody expects you to act as a firefighter, but a small incipient fire can be prevented from growing by following the right steps.
  • the location of the nearest emergency exits. Always use the nearest emergency exit in the event of an evacuation

Help to prevent a fire

Here you can find information about how you can help to prevent a fire.

Escape routes

Escape routes must not be obstructed by waste, boxes, stands etc. that can prevent staff, students and visitors from escaping through them.

Manual call points, fire detectors and sprinkler systems

You must not cover up or disconnect manual call points, fire detectors or sprinkler systems. In the event of works or events that require such equipment to be disconnected, advance notification must be sent to and safety measures must be implemented.


Use of wedges etc. to keep doors open is prohibited because it prevents the doors from closing automatically in the event of a fire alarm. Closed doors prevent smoke and fire from spreading.

Electrical appliances

  • Coffee machines and kettles must only be equipped with a time switch
  • Waffle irons, toasters, baking plates, microwave ovens and other equipment must not be used without special permission – contact
  • Additional heaters must not be used.


The use of candles and open flame is prohibited. This also applies to torches outside the building. Exceptions are staffed areas: Fyrhuset (Deiglig), the function hall in Pilestredet 52 and lab areas that have been approved for such use. In connection with big events at Kjeller, or in special situations such as memorial gatherings following a death, you can apply for special permission to use candles, contact:


Do you discover circumstances that affect fire safety, contact

You will find an overview of the applicable rules for securing people, information and material assets at OsloMet in the safety instructions

Contact in case of emergency

Contact in case of emergency

Emergency numbers: Fire - 110, police - 112, ambulance - 113

Help at OsloMet - security

Phone :
Open 24 hours:
Contact emergency services before you contact OsloMet security.


E-mail :

Inquiries regarding fire safety and reporting non-conformities.