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Health, Safety and Environment / Safety / Fire safety

Description of the function of line manager

Preventive fire safety is covered by the Regulations relating to Systematic Health, Environmental and Safety Activities in Enterprises (the Internal Control Regulations). This means that it is a management responsibility to follow up the fire safety work in his/her own unit.


  • Maintaining and following up the fire safety work in your own unit
  • Ensuring that all employees are given sufficient fire safety training
  • Ensuring good interaction with the fire safety organisation
  • Appointing zone contacts and facilitating close dialogue about the preventive fire safety work.


Line managers are the employer’s representative and obliged to complete training in health, safety and the environment (AML Section 3–5). A line manager must have knowledge about the university fire safety organisation, including the structure of the fire safety organisation and the different parties’ role.

Main duties

  • Ensuring that the fire safety work in their own unit is maintained by ensuring that
    • the use of the building (the activities taking place) is in accordance with the university’s fire safety requirements, including maintaining the fire safety in connection with particularly risky activities
    • the emergency exits maintain their function, including that the exits are not obstructed
    • all activities in their own area have been risk assessed with relation to fire/evacuation
  • Evaluating the adapted evacuation routines for people with special needs in cooperation with the fire safety organisation
  • Ensuring necessary fire safety training in his/her own unit by ensuring that
  • Making efforts to make it possible for zone coordinators to be active contributors in the preventive fire safety work by
    • conducting regular exchange of information about important circumstances relating to fire safety such as non-conformities, emergency exits and results from evacuation drills
    • contributing to regular updates and information to members of staff


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