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Fire instructions for zone coordinators

Fire instructions for zone coordinators

Zone coordinators are responsible for a defined and limited part of the building/property (zone), and carry out tasks relating to regular observation rounds and evacuation in the event of fire.

In the event of a fire alarm, the zone coordinator must

  1. Put on a yellow vest, bring the zone card and take command over all people in the zone.
    Ask everyone to evacuate the building through appropriate emergency exits (Check storage rooms, toilets, meeting rooms etc.)
  2. If anyone needs help: Make sure that several people go together, leaving you free to focus on your primary tasks.
  3. In the event of smoke or other obstacles: Indicate alternative evacuation routes.
  4. Report to the security guard stationed at the main entrance about whether your zone has been evacuated or if someone has been left behind. The zone card should then be placed in the ‘mail box’.
  5. Ask people to move away from the building and gather at the agreed assembly point.
  6. An evaluation form must be filled in after each fire drill and evacuation. The completed form must be sent within 24 hours.

Notification and rescue efforts are the main priorities. Your own safety comes first.

Contact in case of emergency

Contact in case of emergency

Emergency numbers: Fire - 110, police - 112, ambulance - 113

Help at OsloMet - security

Phone :
Open 24 hours:
Contact emergency services before you contact OsloMet security.


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Inquiries regarding fire safety and reporting non-conformities.