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Fire instructions for teaching, course and conference premises

Fire instructions for teaching, course and conference premises

The instructions describe the responsibilities and duties of people using the teaching premises and premises for courses, conferences etc.


All managers are responsible for making these instructions known to their staff.

  • During lectures, courses and other teaching activities, it is the responsibility of the lecturer or the person responsible for the teaching activity to ensure compliance with these instructions.
  • When using the premises for conferences, social gatherings etc., the organiser must appoint a person who is responsible for ensuring compliance with these instructions. Applications for permission to make use of the premises must state the name of the person responsible.


The person responsible must do the following before and during use of the premises:

  • Ensure that loose chairs and equipment are not placed on the premises
  • Ensure that the number of people present does not exceed the number specified in the reservation
  • Ensure that no changes are made to technical fire installations and other installations
  • Familiarise themselves with the general fire instructions and evacuation plan, the emergency exits and extinguishing equipment

In a fire situation/in the event of a fire alarm, the responsible person must

  • ensure that evacuation of the premises is initiated
  • ensure that people who need assistance are taken care of
  • report possible non-conformities to the appointed staff at OsloMet and/or the fire services

Contact in case of emergency

Contact in case of emergency

Emergency numbers: Fire - 110, police - 112, ambulance - 113

Help at OsloMet - security

Phone :
Open 24 hours:
Contact emergency services before you contact OsloMet security.


E-mail :

Inquiries regarding fire safety and reporting non-conformities.