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Salary and reimbursement


Any purchase of goods or services should in theory be done through 'Min bestilling'. However, if you have had personal expenses, you will find information about how to proceed in order to get reimbursed here. Remember the receipts.

Registering reimbursements

Reimbursements must be registered

  1. in the DFØ app - (only in Norwegian) Instructions for registration of reimbursements in the DFØ app (only in Norwegian)
  2. in the SAP portal - see Instructions for registration of reimbursements in the SAP Portal.

Attachments must be scanned, downloaded or photographed before they are "electronically attached" to the case

Things you can receive reimbursements for

  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Parking
  • Public transport
  • Things that cannot be purchased through OsloMet's official procurement system.

Reimbursement of expenses for computer glasses

Application form "work glasses for use of computer":

Download application form - word file | Download application form - pdf file

  • Enter your personal details yourself,
  • Get a confirmation from your immediate supervisor in the form of a signature
  • Bring the form to the optician so that he / she can write an assessment and sign.

Register in SAP portal or DFØ app

NOK 800 of the frame will be covered as well as 100 % of the expenses for the lenses, the fitting and the visual test.

  • The reimbursement must be registered in the SAP portal or the DFØ app (only in Norwegian).
  • Confirmation and authorisation of payment happens in SAP / DFØ app.

More information about the procedure for computer glasses.

This should not be included in the reimbursement form

Where OsloMet has framework agreements, these must be applied.

  • Flowers - must be ordered from our supplier Mester Grøn by a  purchaser through PM Client.
  • Flights, mileage- and subsistence allowances for employees must be registered in SAP.
    • If HiOA has been invoiced for the flights, these must be included in the travel settlement in SAP.
      • In this case, select "Invoiced to the University College" under payment.
  • IT equipment such as mobile phones, tablets, PC / MAC and software must be ordered through Min bestilling.

Reimbursement of taxable expenses

  • Free newspapers / magazines
  • Free telephone
  • Free internet

Refusjon av skattepliktige utlegg:

  • Bruk E-skjema i SAP-portalen, velg skjematype «Godtgjørelser».

Refusjon av kontingenter og medlemskap:

Not access to the SAP portal?


Reimbursements are disbursed outside of the regular salary pay-out, 3 to 4 times each month.

Have you not received your reimbursement?

Contact the local administration for salary (Department of Finances at the faculty/centre or a finance co-worker in the department).

Ta i bruk DFØ-appen

  • I DFØ-appen kan du blant annet:
  • - stemple inn og ut
  • - registrere overtid
  • - sende fraværssøknad 
  • - registrere og levere reiseregning
  • - søke refusjon av utgifter
Hvordan bruke DFØ-appen?


Please contact finance at your own department for help