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Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms

Here is an overview of all our 130 meeting facilities, distributed throughout 15 buildings. The rooms are available to all employees and can be booked in Outlook.

Book a meeting room

Guides on how to book a meeting room in Outlook

Using a meeting room

  • All our meeting rooms must be open (not locked by key)  so that they are available to all employees
  • Do not book a room for more time than strictly necessary and cancel your reservation if the meeting is cancelled.
  • Keep the meeting room tidy and turn off the light when leaving.

Notify bie@oslomet.no (Facility Management Support Service) if something is missing or defect.

Ad hoc reservation of meeting rooms in P46

As a trial project, students and employees can book meeting rooms through the “ad-hoc booking” function on the screen outside the respective rooms. The screens sync with the Outlook calendar.

The meeting rooms on the ground floor (by the coffee bar) in Pilestredet 46 are included in the trial project:
  • P46-PA155
  • P46-PA156
  • P46-PA157