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Book a room in TP room booking

Book a room in TP room booking

In TP room booking, employees can book group study-, seminar- and classrooms for meetings or events.

NB! Teachers should not book these rooms for teaching. This must be done by the lecture schedule planner. It is not possible for other employees to attach a booking to a topic. This means that the booking will not be visible in the students' schedule.

As of July 1st, employees can book rooms for up to 40 people for work-related meetings in TP, the new lecture schedule programme.

Overview of rooms that employees can book in TP room booking.

User guide:

  1. Go to TP room booking
  2. Sign in with your OsloMet username and password (Feide login)
  3. Select day, start time and end time
  4. Choose room type. If you choose "random" you search through all room types (group, seminar or classroom)
  5. Alternatively, you can add which building you want to search for rooms in or equipment (e.g. PC)
  6. Click on "show available rooms" - TP then shows all available rooms that meet your criteria
  7. Check off the room you want to reserve and click "Book"
  8. Enter your name in the "Enter description" field
  9. Then click "Confirm"
  10. On the confirmation page, you can choose whether you want the confirmation sent by e-mail

Do you want to check or cancel a reservation?

  1. Select "My reservations" in the top menu
  2. Here you will find an overview of all your reservations
  3. You can cancel a room by pressing the "Cancel" button on the right side of your order

Video guide: how to book rooms

Remember that you can choose the quality (cogwheel in the bottom right) and the volume of the film. The movie has subtitles (press CC).

Meeting room in Outlook or facilities in the CC centre

You can still book a meeting room in Outlook or rent facilities in the Course and Conference Centre.


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