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Zoom at OsloMet

For meeting, conferences, digital lectures and tuition.


1. About Zoom

2. Install the Zoom client

3. Update Zoom

4. Use a Zoom license from OsloMet

5. Schedule a meeting in Zoom

6. Hold a meeting in Zoom

7. Plan a recording in Zoom

8. Record a meeting in Zoom

1. About Zoom

Zoom works well for digital teaching and is a good alternative to Teams for larger, internal meetings and video conferences with up to 300 participants. 

• OsloMet has taken precautions regarding the safety of Zoom. It is important that you always update to the latest version. 
• Uninett has created a theme page for Zoom ( Here you will find guides, frequently asked questions and links to other information pages. 
• You can also get help in the Teams group OsloMet User Forum / Zoom. This is not a valet first line, but a place where you can ask questions and share experiences with your colleagues. 
• In DIGIN's guides you will find many tips on Zoom for teaching, including Break-out rooms, recording of lessons and everything we have discussed above. 
• Follow the OsloMet Academy where courses are run on Zoom and online teaching. 

2. Install the Zoom client

  1. Go to

  2. Click "Sign in". You will now be forwarded to Feide.

  3. Click "Resources" in the upper right corner and then "Download Zoom Client".

  4. Click "Download" under "Zoom Client for Meetings". Skjermbilde

  5. Follow the steps on the screen until the installation is complete.

  6. Search for and open Zoom or start Zoom from the desktop.  

  7. Click "Sign in with SSO".

  8. Enter «oslomet» in the field with "Enter your company domain". Then click "Continue". 
  9. Zoom is now installed and ready to use. 

3. Update Zoom

  1. Start Zoom.
  2. Click the profile button in the upper right corner and then click "Check for Updates".Skjermbilde
  3. In case of problems, please contact IT Service Desk ( | tlf. 67 23 55 55 IT-servicedesk)

4. Use an OsloMet Zoom license

  1. Open Zoom
  2. Click the profile button in the upper right corner. Check that you see the text LICENSED next to your name and that your OsloMet e-mail address is displayed.  If this is not the case, you are not logged in with your OsloMet license. Click "Sign Out" at the bottom of the menu, and log in as explained in Install Zoom Client.Skjermbilde

5. Schedule a meeting in Zoom

  1. Open Zoom and click "Schedule".
  2. Enter the right Topic, Start date and time and Duration and enter the necessary settings for the meeting: 
  • Meeting ID: For security reason, "Generate Automatically" should be chosen.
  • Video: You might want to to turn off video for participants, e.g due to personal data protection issues.
  • Advanced Options: Check "Enable Waiting Room" if you want to let participants enter the meeting room one by one. Uncheck "Enable join before host" if you do not want participants to enter the meeting room before you. Skjermbilde
  1. Click "Schedule". An Outlook meeting invitation will appear. Enter participants and send the invitation or copy the link, Meeting ID and Password and send it to the participants through an other channel. Never put the link openly on the internet! Skjermbilde

6. Hold a meeting in Zoom

NB! Before starting the meeting: 

  • It is an advantage to close all programs that you do not need. This includes Teams and Skype. 

  • Make sure no unauthorized person has access to the screen during the call or can hear audio from the call. Use headphones where practicable.

1. Open Zoom and click "Start". 

2. Click "Join with Computer Audio" to enter the meeting and turn on audio (through the microphone in your head set).Skjermbilde

3. Here are some settings you should familiarize yourself with: Skjermbilde av Zoom meny

Mute/Unmute: Turns your sound on and off.

Stop Video/Start Video: Turns your web cam on and off. 

Security: Opens a security settings menu, including "Lock Meeting", so no one can enter.  

Skjermbilde av Security-knapp i Zoom

Participants: Allows you to manage the participants in the meeting. If you are a participant, you can change your display name by hovering over your own name, clicking "More >" and then "Rename". 

Skjermbilde av Participant-visning

Polls: Allows you to create and share surveys. 

Chat: Opens the chat window. 

Share Screen: Allows you to share a screen or file / application you have up. 

Record: Starts recording of the meeting, see (link to own guide) 

Breakout Rooms: Allows you to create and distribute participants in their own rooms. 

Reactions: Here you can select "Thumbs up" or "Clap" to attach to your video image to show a reaction to what is said in the meeting. 

4. Click "End" and then "End Meeting for All" to end the meeting. 

7. Plan a recording in Zoom

NB! If you are recording a meeting in Zoom, you will by default handle personal information. 

You must have a relation to the classification of the information you record, see OsloMets rutine for klassifisering av data (Only available in Norwegian)  

The classification will determine where you can store data. See Storage Guide. 

You must ensure that you have the necessary legal basis for the recording and that participants are well informed in advance. See, among other things, these routines: 


  1. Start the Zoom meeting well in advance of formal meeting start. 
  2. Click the arrow next to the video icon, then "Video Settings".Skjermbilde
  3. Click "Recording" in the left menu and make the necessary settings, such as:

    • Click "Change" to the right of "Location" to change the recording storage location according to the data classification. Alternatively, you can select "Choose a location for recorded files when the meeting ends", so that you can specify this after downloading the recording. 
    • Tick off "Record a separate audio file for each participant who speaks" if you want to record a separate audio file per participant. 
    • Uncheck "Add a timestamp" to the recording if you need to edit it later. 
    • Make sure "Keep temporary recording files" are not checked to avoid the temporary recording file being stored.Skjermbilde

8. Record a meeting in Zoom

  1. Start the Zoom meeting well in advance of formal meeting start and make the necessary preparations. See Plan recording of a meeting in Zoom
  2. Click "Record" to start recording. 
  3. All participants will now receive the following message: 

"This meeting is recorded; you may hide your video. By continuing to be in the meeting, you consent to being recorded. Ved å fortsette gir du ditt samtykke til å bli med på opptaket. NB: Klikk på video-ikonet nede til venstre for å slå av kameraet"

  1. Click "Pause/Stop Recording" or "Resume/Stop Recording" as needed. 
  2. Stop the recording or click "End" to end the meeting. 
  3. A box appears that says "Convert Meeting Recording". The recording will now be downloaded to the selected storage location or you will be prompted to select the storage location. This may take some time. You can safely use your computer while converting. Let the machine finish before closing the lid or turning off the computer. Check that the recording ended up in the right place. 

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