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Why choose Open Access?

Why choose Open Access?

Research results disseminated for free on the internet can reach a larger audience than those published exclusively in subscription databases. Easier access and increased visibility enrich and accelerate research.

Access to research

Equal access to knowledge is an important principle in a democratic society. Taxpayers pay for research through public grants, thus it is only reasonable that the research results should be available to everyone. Researchers employed in all types of institutions can read and participate in the research, regardless of the purchasing power of their own institution.

Those financing your research, including the Norwegian Research Council, Horizon 2020, Welcome Trust, RCUK and DFID, require open access as a conditions for the funding 

We may help you comply with the requirements of the financiers, either through the publishing fund which covers author fees, through self-archiving in the institutional archive ODA or by negotiating directly with the publisher about open access to already published articles.

Advantages with Open Access publishing


Studies indicate that open access publications are downloaded, read and quoted more often than other articles (Swan, 2010)


With reference to projects with researchers from different institutions and countries, Open Access ensures that all project participants have access to the same research foundation

Quick publishing and dissemination of knowledge

Open Access articles are digital, and are therefore often published faster than other articles. This assists in spreading new knowledge earlier.

Retain the copyright

Authors retain the right to reuse their own work and to grant others this right. This increases the possibility of cooperation or of generating new knowledge from existing research.


Open Access publications can be made available in institutional archives. This provides access to materials that are not easily accessible (eg Master's theses, PhD theses), and provide accessibility to research publications in the future.


Research institutions will be able to gather and highlight their research results for  internal and external users.

OsloMet will facilitate for students and researchers so as to allow them to choose the publishing channels that provide the highest level of open access to the publication, either because they have a good policy with regards to allowing self-archiving or because the publishing channel is an Open Access publishing channel.



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