Work hours during Christmas


Drawing of OsloMet with a Christmas motif.

Work hours during Christmas

All employees at OsloMet gets one day off during the Christmas holiday week. Read more about work hours during the holiday.

This year Christmas eve and New years eve falls on a Sunday. This means that shorter work days on these two days is not applicable this year.

However, working hours during Christmas are reduced as usual, starting at 10.00 and stopping at 15.45. You cannot accrue flex time or overtime by working 08.00 to 10.00.

Employees with part-time employment under 5 hours and 45 minutes each day will not get a reduction in their daily working hours, but can also choose to start their working day at 10.00.

Day off during Christmas

All employees get one day off during Christmas. You can choose which day. 

Apply for your day off in the DFØ app or SAP portal using "Request for absence". Use the absence type "Other absence, paid".

If you want to take more days off during Christmas you must use vacation days or overtime / flex time.