Enter into and follow up a purchase agreement

If a purchase of over NOK 100,000 is needed and no relevant framework agreement exists, a formal procurement process consisting in several steps must be carried out.

Report the need and wait

Report the need for a new agreement in My Order. The Section for Procurements will then need 8 weeks to initiate the process. The actual procurement process can take 3–12 months.

  1. Report the need in My Order

    Only the unit’s budget manager can report the need for a procurement process in order to draw up a new purchase agreement.


  2. Wait while the Section for Procurements initiates the process

    Within 8 weeks of reporting the need, the Section for Procurements will invite you to a start-up meeting where you will create a progress plan.


  3. The procurement process goes on for 3–12 months

    The procurement process is conducted and led by the Section for Procurements in cooperation with the person who has the need.

    The process involves implementing a competition and choosing the supplier, and can take from 3 to 12 months.

    Read the step-by-step description of the process under section 3. The Procurement Process.