Enter into and follow up a purchase agreement

Enter into and follow up a purchase agreement

If a purchase of over NOK 100,000 is needed and no relevant framework agreement exists, a formal procurement process consisting in several steps must be carried out.

The procurement process

The procurement process

How to implement the formal steps of the procurement process for purchases of NOK 500,000 to NOK 1.4 million. The process is led by the Section for Procurements in collaboration with the unit in need of the purchase.

  1. Step 1: Clarify the needs and prepare the procurement

    The process below is also described in the guidelines for purchases over NOK 500.000 (in Norwegian).

    Procurement records

    For all purchases over NOK 100,000 (excluding VAT), you are obliged to keep a procurement record.

    Initiate a competitive tendering process or make an announcement in doffin?

    The tendering requirement establishes that you must obtain at least 3 offers, evaluate these and then choose a supplier.

    In addition, for purchases over NOK 1.4 million (excluding VAT), you are required to announce the purchase in Doffin.

    For purchases under NOK 1.4 million (excluding VAT), announcing the purchase in Doffin is optional.

    Prepare a tender document

    When inviting suppliers to submit a bid to supply the product or service, you must prepare a tender document.

    Describe your need and establish the requirements for the delivery (prepare a tender document)

    Make a description of the service sought. Focus on describing the nature of your need, rather than how this need should be met. Let the suppliers compete to offer the best / most appropriate solution. To achieve this, you should not make unnecessary requirements that limit or completely cut off the suppliers' ability to offer innovative solutions. It may be that your need is best met through a solution you do not know.

    Strategic guidelines

    Check the guidelines from OsloMet’s Procurement Strategy and the like.

    Eligibility requirements

    For purchases over NOK 500,000 (excluding VAT), you must demand that the selected supplier provides a tax certificate. See FOA section 7-2 for details.

    Whether to set additional eligibility requirements or not must be considered on a case-to-case basis.

    Selection criteria

    The evaluation of the submitted tenders and the selection of the supplier must take place in a predictable manner. This means that you as the contractor must be clear about what elements you will emphasize in your evaluation.

    If you have made a tender document describing your need, it is crucial that you chose the most suitable selection criteria for identifying the best solution.

    The tender document template (difi.no) provides an example of how such criteria can be set.


    Attach the contract that will regulate the contractual relationship to the tender request. The suppliers must be familiar with the conditions that will apply to the implementation of the contract. In areas where standard contracts exist, these must be used

  2. Step 2: Implementing the tendering process

    Invitation to submit tenders

    If you are entering a large supplier market that you already know relatively well, the most appropriate solution may be to invite 3-5 suppliers to submit tenders. If you choose this solution, you should vary who you invite.

    Doffin's voluntary announcement is suitable if you do not know the market. You will find two forms for voluntary announcement on Doffin on the page "Announcement form in line with the Procurement Act".

    Evaluation of tenders

    The tenders must be evaluated as described in your tender document.

    Potential negotiations

    You may invite one or more of the tenderers to negotiations, depending on what you have communicated in the tender document.

    During the negotiations, you must provide the tenderers with feedback regarding possible improvements that can be made to their bids in order to win the competition. After the negotiations have ended, the suppliers must be given the opportunity to submit a new and revised tender.

    Awarding the contract and terminating the tender process

    After the tenders have been evaluated and potential negotiations have been completed, you must award a contract to the tenderer that has delivered the best deal.

    Unsuccessful tenderers must also be notified of your decision and receive a brief justification/ description of the main reason(s) for your choice of tender.