Enter into and follow up a purchase agreement

If a purchase of over NOK 100,000 is needed and no relevant framework agreement exists, a formal procurement process consisting in several steps must be carried out.

You lack a framework agreement

If you want to buy something that is not covered by a relevant framework agreement, you must consider whether a procurement process is needed to draw up a new agreement or whether it’s just a single-purchase case.

  1. You can make a single purchase without any agreement if:
    • The cost of the purchase is under NOK 100,000
    • We don't need to repeat the purchase
    How to complete the single purchase:
    • Go to My Order and select "Enter Requests".
    • Select the appropriate categories in the system, describe your request and submit. Your local purchaser will then assist you.
    • The following process includes checking with several providers before making the final order. It is not necessary to document the competition.
  2. You must initiate a formal procurement process if:
    • The cost of the purchase is over NOK 100,000
    • There is no framework agreement for what you need to buy
  3. Further process for purchases of NOK 100,000 - 500,000


    • Guidance, guidelines and standard templates that the local purchasers must use are located in the NAP group Purchasers. Do you need access to the templates and purchaser guidance? Request membership in the NAP group.
    • The Public Procurement Act, the Procurement Regulations part 1 and internal guidelines must be complied with in order to ensure a professional implementation.
    • Please contact the Section for Procurements for advice and guidance if necessary.
    • Otherwise, the process is carried out just as for purchases of over NOK 500,000 (read below):
  4. Further process for purchases over NOK 500,000