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HSE training

HSE training

HSE training tailored to the needs of different groups is a prerequisite for success in the work with the working environment.
  • General requirements for the HSE training

    Necessary knowledge and a positive attitude towards the HSE work are important factors for the managers’ and employees' interest in and commitment to their own working environment.

    The employer is responsible for ensuring that the working environment at OsloMet is acceptable. The university college’s managers must be familiar with the provisions of the Working Environment Act on health, safety and environment and must have knowledge of the university's systematic HSE work.

    All current and future employees at OsloMet must be ensured a minimum level of knowledge of the regulations and of HiOA's organisation of the HSE work in order to help create a good working environment. Workers who perform dangerous work are entitled to necessary training that allows them to perform the work safely.

    Safety delegates and members of the working environment committees have been assigned important tasks in terms of supervision of the college's efforts in improving the working environment. Their training is given in the Working Environment Act.

    The chief safety delegate must have at least the same training as the safety delegates and, in addition, the training required to perform his/her duties.

  • HSE training for new employees

    New employees must, on their first day

    In the first month of employment, the new employee must learn about

  • Basic HSE training for safety delegates and members/deputies of WEC and LWEC

    The training is mandatory for new safety delegates and members/deputies of WEC/LWEC who have not already completed corresponding training.

    The basic HSE training (the 40-hour course) for safety delegates and WEC/LWEC members consists of an e-learning course and a gathering day.

    The e-learning course in the health, safety and environment work consists of the following modules

    • legislation and roles in the HSE work
    • systematic HSE work
    • physical working environment factors
    • psychosocial and organisational working environment
    • chemical and biological working environment
    • ergonomics in the workplace

    The gathering day will

    • provide participants with insight into the college’s systematic HSE work
    • provide participants with extensive knowledge of important areas in preventive HSE work
    • enable participants to use the college’s tools in its HSE work

    The e-learning course is open to managers.

    Employees who need HSE training in their work may also attend the course.  In this case a confirmation from the manager is required.

  • Other HSE training

    First aid courses are offered regularly through the OsloMet Academy.  See the OsloMet Academy for upcoming courses.

    Courses with varying contents aimed at different groups are also offered.

    Needs and wishes for training can be sent in to the OsloMet Academy.



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